Describing People Appearance | List of Words to Describe Appearance With Meanings and Examples

Describing People Appearance: We often describe people based on their appearance as it plays a very important role in our minds. Appearance put forwards a statement of who you are, how you are. So we must describe people based on their appearances correctly. There are many words to describe peoples’ appearance.

In this article, we have presented a list of words to describe appearances with their meanings and examples to help you understand better. Take the help of this list to add new words to your vocabulary.

List of Words to Describe Appearance

Name of the words to describe Appearance

Description of the words to describe Appearance on the list


Meaning: Used to describe someone or anything that makes you fall in love with or like them

Example: You have an adorable granddaughter.


Meaning: Attractiveness, interestingness, or excitement.

Example: Harry has got the allure of working as a model.


Meaning: Extremely appealing in look or sound

Example: I find old-fashioned boots very attractive.


Meaning: Very pleasant or attractive.

Example: Bryan saw the beautiful lady in the gown across the room.


Meaning: To blush in the face, generally due to shame.

Example: As soon as he greeted Sia, she started blushing.


Meaning: Gleaming with light

Example: Bella has got bright eyes.


Meaning: Clear of dirt, pollution, bacteria, and so on

Example: It is strange to see a boy’s room this clean.


Meaning: In terms of movement or manner, uncomfortable

Example: Though he prepared for the speech, he has been clumsy ever since he went on stage.


Meaning: Being comfortable with your looks.

Example: I have never seen someone as confident as Rebecca.


Meaning: Someone who knows a lot about music, art, literature, etc.

Example: Though you are among the notorious ones, I never thought you to be someone this cultured.


Meaning: In no way intriguing or exciting

Example: His face looks dull after all the outdoor activities that he did.


Meaning: In look or behaviour, graceful and appealing

Example: Olivia is one of the most elegant girls in the class.


Meaning: Pale complexion

Example: Julie is very fair in comparison to her twin brother, Jacob.

Describing People Appearance 1


Meaning: Ornamental or complicated

Example: No matter what you say, John looks cool in those fancy outfits.


Meaning: Good or adequate

Example: Not going to lie, but this suit seems just fine on you.


Meaning: Beautiful in a unique and intriguing way

Example: Arya was looking glamorous in that red dress.


Meaning: Looking bright.

Example: It’s so hard to say if you have makeup on or not. Your skin is always glowing.


Meaning: Very lovely or nice

Example: Jack was stunned by the gorgeous lady across the room.


Meaning: A characteristic of moving in a smooth, comfortable, and appealing manner

Example: She looks graceful when she wears traditional.


Meaning: Someone physically attractive.

Example: Harry is the handsome one among his brothers.


Meaning: Someone who looks strong and well

Example: You need to look healthy on screen, so have a proper diet.


Meaning: exceedingly amusing or provoking a great deal of laughing

Example: You are just hilarious when it comes to childhood conversations.


Meaning: Someone tall

Example: You look long in these boots.


Meaning: Someone nice and pleasant.

Example: Would you mind if I take the lovely lady for a dance?


Meaning: Very nice, lovely, or worthy of admiration

Example: He looks magnificent in that white suit.


Meaning: Slightly wet.

Example: His eyes look misty watching his son receiving the award.


Meaning: In every way, complete and correct

Example: Be confident; you just look perfect.


Meaning: Pleasurable, appealing, amicable, or simple to like

Example: She has a pleasant smile.

Describing People Appearance 2


Meaning: Very valuable.

Example: Her daughter looks precious in that little party dress.


Meaning: Someone who looks to be too full of themselves.

Example: Please, change your attitude. You look too snobbish around everyone.


Meaning: Something shining brightly.

Example: Her eyes have a sparkling beauty that mesmerizes everyone.


Meaning: Great, or lovely and outstanding

Example: You look splendid in these traditional outfits.


Meaning: Exceptionally clean

Example: He has been working since morning, and still, his white outfit is spotless.


Meaning: Someone nervous or worried.

Example: Is everything okay? You look very tense.


Meaning: Attractively energetic and joyful

Example: His sister is a vivacious beauty with long silky hair and a dusky complexion.

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