Countable and Uncountable Foods | List of Countable and Uncountable Foods With Meaning and Examples

Countable and Uncountable Foods: In the English Language, some foods can be calculated and are countable i.e they are foodstuffs that can be realistically counted by humans. There is no single way to determine a countable and an uncountable food in the English Language hence we have created a list of countable and uncountable foods for your understanding.

The list is designed to help out learners understand the intricacies of the English language and help them grasp and understand what is countable and uncountable food.

Countable food is a type of food that can be counted.

For better understanding, countable food is the kind of food where if there are a plural number of the foodstuff it can be defined like if there are three apples it can be referred to as “three” apples.

Uncountable foods are the type of food that is not realistically possible to count like it is humanely impossible to count the number of rice on a single plate.

List of Countable and Uncountable Foods

Names of Countable and Uncountable Foods

List of Countable and Uncountable Food with Meanings and Examples

Countable Foods


A burger is a dish containing minced meat or vegetarian cooked patty between two buns of bread. One can use different types of bread in a burger and several sauces can also be used in a burger.


Sandwich is a food item or rather a dish that consists of a filling, sauce, or crispies between two slices of bread. You can select some from a wide range of sauces and fillings to make a sandwich.

Hot dog

A hot dog is a dish where a cooked sausage is put between two buns of an elongated-shaped bread patty and then topped off with sauces.


Cherries have a wide variety and are native to northern areas like North America, Europe, and Asia. They are eaten in a variety of different ways ranging from being eaten fresh to being eaten as a cake topping. As a result, they have fewer calories, more vitamins, Magnesium, and its value of dose may be different on the requirement.

Kingdom Plantae
Clade Tracheophytes, Angiosperms, Eudicots, Rosids
Order Rosales
Family Rosaceae
Genus Prunus
Species P. avium
Scientific Name Prunus avium


Apples are very mild and slightly sweet in flavor. They do not have a particular area of origin and are grown in many areas worldwide. It is rich in soluble fibers and various other nutrients that can keep one away from many diseases, resulting in the proverb apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Kingdom Plantae
Clade Tracheophytes, Angiosperms, Eudicots, Rosids
Order Rosales
Family Rosaceae
Genus Malus
Species M. domestica
Scientific Name Malus domestica


Tomato is an edible berry that most likely originated in South America or Central America. Tomatoes are found in various varieties and colors. It is cultivated in verious areas all over the world and is consumed in a range of different ways ranging from raw tomato in a salad to being eaten as a garnish.

Kingdom Plantae
Clade Tracheophytes,Angiosper,Eudicots,Asterids
Order Solanales
Family Solanaceae
Genus Solanum
Species S. lycopersicum
Scientific Name Solanum lycopersicum


Pea is a green or yellow colored edible seed found inside a pod that grows on a specific plant. Pea is an annual plant having a life cycle that is exactly one year. It forms the base of quite a number of dishes like pea soup and is an integral ingredient in most European cuisines.

Kingdom Plantae
Clade Tracheophyt, Angiosperms, Eudicots, Rosids
Order Fabales
Family Fabaceae
Genus Pisum
Species P. Sativum
Scientific Name Pisum sativum


Salad is a dish consisting of food that is usually cut up into pieces and mixed together and in most cases containing a raw leafy element like kale or lettuce. They are essentially served after being dressed with something. They are mostly served at room temperatures but certain salads are served hot and certain are also served cold.


Vegetables are parts of plants consumed by humans. Various parts of a plant that include stem, root, seeds, leaves, etc are consumed by humans. Vegetables form a big part of any food cuisine and can be eaten raw or in cooked form. Besides humans, lots of animals consume vegetables as well.


Pancake as a dish is essentially a flatbread created from a self-made batter that consists of starch, butter, and other ingredients. It is a staple for breakfast in places like the United States of America and is generally eaten with generous servings of maple syrup drizzled on top of the flatbread.


Sausage is essentially a variant of the numerous meat products available. It is minced meat mostly pork stuffed inside a flimsy translucent pocket and then the ends of the pocket are tied up. Further, sausages are used to make hot dogs a very famous street food.


Eggs are essentially laid by females of different species. Eggs from a few animals are consumed by humans like eggs of hen, eggs of goat, eggs of quails, etc. Eggs are consumed by humans in a few different ways like egg poach, omelets, etc. Eggs also form the base of various dishes.


Grapes are essentially juice-filled berry-type fruit consumed by humans and a few other animals. It is used to make products like jam, jelly, wine, vinegar, grapeseed oil, etc and a few other products. They are also eaten raw as fruits and is a staple in the middle eastern region of the world.


Orange is known originally to have originated in Asia and the southern part of China. The fruit grows mainly in tropical and subtropical areas and is a juicy fruit common in most households in the world. This also makes oranges the most cultivated fruit. They have a sweet flavor and are orange in color.

Kingdom Plantae
Family Rutaceae
Genus Citrus
Species C. Sinenis
Scientific Name Citrus sinensis


Olive is the edible part of a small species of plant. It has a huge impact on the cooking world in the form of olive oil. It can be eaten raw and is also used as toppings on dishes like pizza and pasta.

Countable Foods


Watermelon is a very common and popular fruit in the tropical and subtropical aeas of the world. They are very rich in vitamins, calcium, and iron and are also considered a cooling agent for the body. It has a red interior with spherical black seeds and has a hard exterior green coating to it.

Kingdom Plantae
Clade Tracheophytes, Angiosperms, Eudicots, Rosids
Order Cucurbitales
Family Cucurbitaceae
Genus Citrullus
Species C. lanatus
Scientific Name Citrullus lanatus


Carrots are the edible roots of the carrot plant that grows underground. It is a staple in countries like United States of America. They are consumed in their infant forms as well as the fully grown form. Carrots are rich in vitamins like Vitamin B6. They are orange in color and elongated in shape.

Kingdom Plantae
Clade Tracheophytes, Angiosperms ,Eudicots, Asterids
Order Apiales
Family Apiaceae
Genus Daucus
Species D. carota
Scientific Name Daucus carota subsp. sativus


Potato is a vegetable that is originally native to the United States of America. Potatoes have become a staple in the households of all families in the world. It can be cooked in various forms before being consumed. It is rich in various important nutrients that keep the body healthy. They grow underground.

Kingdom Plantae
Clade Tracheophytes, Angiosperms ,Eudicots,Asterids
Order Solanales
Family Solanaceae
Genus Solanum
Species S. tuberosum
Scientific Name Solanum tuberosum


A cookie is a food type that can be classified as a snack. It is basically dough baked in an oven and is a popular form of snack in the United States of America. A cookie can be of different flavors like chocolate, strawberry and is a very popular snack among kids.


Fries are produced from potatoes when potatoes are cut into elongated strips and fried in hot oil. Fries are an accompaniment to different fast foods around the world like burgers and make one half of the popular dish fish and chips. Fries are also a dish in itself and are consumed with a wide range of dips.


Candy is a form of confectionary sold around the world which features the base ingredient of sugar. It is mostly coagulated sugar in bite-sized treats that are available in different shapes and sizes and is hugely popular among kids.

Uncountable Foods


Juice is a liquid extracted by squeezing out the liquid extracted from fruits or vegetables. It is commonly consumed as a beverage. It is a pretty common beverage in all parts of the world and is sold in packages called juice boxes. Various fruits are consumed as juice like oranges and apples etc.


Fruit is another part of the plant that is widely consumed by humans and animals. Fruits form the basis of many dishes especially desserts. Fruits provide essential nutrition to humans and provide the body with essential vitamins and minerals to keep the body in great health.


Bread is a staple food item that exists all over the world. It is prepared from a dough of flour and water and is usually baked in an oven. It is found in plenty of varieties and flavors like banana bread, sourdough bread, etc, and in plenty of shapes like elongated shapes and in buns. It forms the base of popular dishes like burgers.


Salt is a flavoring agent used in food items i.e it adds flavor to the food and is extracted from seawater. Salt is a very important and essential agent in regular day-to-day life. Saltiness is one of the first and most basic tastes a human develops. Food is essentially inedible without salt and provides the body with electrolytes to keep it running.


Soup is a liquid version of food that is another staple around the world. It is generally served hot or warm and is consumed as a starter before the main meal. It is obtained by boiling solid foods in boiling hot water thereby extracting the flavor of the solid food into the liquid mixture thereby forming the soup.


Sugar is another flavoring agent used in food items. It adds the flavor of sweetness to food enhancing the flavor of the dish it is being added to. The sugar is consumed in different forms like in the form of coagulated sugar as in candy. It is added in beverages like tea, coffee to enhance the flavor of the tea leaves and coffee beans respectively.


Butter is a form of dairy product that is obtained from the slow churning of cream. It is a semi-solid creamy product at room temperature. It is used in a lot of cuisines and is also used as a spread on slices of bread. Bread and butter are staple breakfast food items in every household around the world.


Cheese is another form of dairy product that is produced from milk. It is available in a wide range of textures, flavors, etc. There are different forms of cheese that are found in different parts of the world like Feta Cheese is native to Greece. It forms the basis of various dishes in European Cuisine. Cheese is the main ingredient in dishes like lasagna.


Honey is a very dense, sweet, sticky substance that is extracted from honeybees. It does not have a specific point of origin but is available all around the world. It is rich in vitamins and nutrients and has various medical benefits for the human body. Honey is used in various homemade medical concoctions and various beauty products as well.


Water is a transparent, odourless liquid. It forms the oceans, seas, etc but it is also one of the most integral substances which are essential for the sustenance of human life. Water is also used to form foodstuffs like soup, broths, etc.


Chocolate is a mostly sweet substance that is transformed from cocoa beans. They are a native food item to South America specifically Brazil where there is a huge population of cacao trees. Chocolates are found in different shapes and sizes ranging from bite-sized treats to chocolate bars. Many different flavors are incorporated in chocolate like coffee.


Meat is the edible flesh of an animal, mammal, or bird that is consumed by humans as food. The flesh is not edible in its raw form it is only when cooked is it edible. Meat is consumed by all humans around the world. There are different forms of meat like red meat (meat from goats, cows, etc) and white meat (meat from chicken).


Rice is a seed obtained from a starchy plant and is consumed massively in Asia. Rice was grown first in China and now it is consumed all over the world. Rice is grown as an annual crop. It is eaten in various kinds now and with different sauces except just plain rice.


Cereal and cereal products account for prime carbohydrate food resources for humans and animals. Cereal grains are major sources of energy and nutrients in the form of protein, fat, fiber, and minerals along with vitamins and other rich nutrients.


Milk is a liquid that is obtained from the mammary glands of mammals like cow. It is the primary source of proteins and nutrients for newborns and infants. Milk contains a number of antibodies and nutrients that help with the immunity of humans. Milk is also the base of various milk products that is also consumed by humans.


Coffee is a beverage generally served hot but in recent times cold coffee has also become very popular. Coffee is extracted from coffee beans which are the seeds of a berry plant. Coffee is consumed all over the world and has been a staple beverage in Europe for a long time. It is believed to have originated in modern-day Yemen.


Tea is a beverage massively popular in Asia, China, and the subcontinent. Tea is obtained from putting tea leaves into boiling hot water. The boiling water extracts the flavor from the tea leaves. It is believed to have originated in China. Tea can be consumed as plain tea with herbs and can also be consumed with milk.


Flour is produced by the grinding of grains or seeds. Flour is believed to have been used by Romans for the first time. The flour is used to make many different foods. Wheat flour, is the most integral ingredient for bread, which is a staple food for some cultures. Corn flour is a staple in the United States of America for a very long time.


Jam is a thick gooey substance at room temperature that is generally used as a spread on slices of bread. Jam is mostly synthetically produced and flavors of fruits are added to it. Jam is a staple of many cuisines and is used in various dishes prepared during Christmas.

Uncountable Foods


Seafood is basically food that is consumed by humans that originate from the oceans and seas. Seafood constitutes various kinds of fish, squids, octopus, shrimp, prawns, and various other food items. Many countries in the world are completely dependent on seafood for survival as the conditions of the country are too extreme for livestock.

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