Conversation Topics on Food, Nature, Work, Goals, Fears, Society, Likes, Music, Sports, Cloths, Art, Television and Many More

Conversation Topics: We all love holding conversations with anyone around, hence there is a great need for good conversation topics for texting, as some of us prefer using the electronic media than physical meet-ups.

These mature conversation topics and deep conversation topics are truly among the most desirable subjects to approach when trying to talk well with anyone. With the hope to satisfy these needs, we have penned down this article.

Conversation Topics in English

Random Questions

  1. Do you really prefer to live in the city or in the country? Why?
  2. Do you really prefer to live where there are clear, four distinct seasons, or in any place where it is the season same all year long?
  3. If you could make any call to any person in the world, and talk for one hour, which person would you call?
  4. If you had to create a holiday, what would it be? Would it have a special traditions or foods? Would it have a unique name?
  5. Music is really nice, but is there one inanimate object in this world that does really annoy you if it played loud, cheerful music every time you used it?
  6. Name one thing you are especially really good at?
  7. Someone you know comes back from the future and consents to answer only one question about what will occur in your lifetime. What would you ask?
  8. There is the information we utilise every day —where do you get the knowledge you use the most?
  9. What are your three most primary rules for going on a great and successful date?
  10. What do you suppose is a successful date?
  11. What fads or trends do you really think are pretty silly? What trends have you caught yourself diving into or following, even though they are silly?
  12. What is a very strange or not very serviceable talent you have?
  13. What is there that you would for real give almost anything to be able to do, or to be capable of doing well?
  14. What is your unique definition of success in life?
  15. What is one person or type of person do you make certain to be nice to every time you meet?
  16. What smell causes in bringing back great memories?
  17. With the unique definition of your idol in mind, who would you say is the most successful individual of all time? Who can you say is the most successful individual you have ever known?
  18. You are going to have a major surgery. The authorities are going to put you to sleep; and just as you go under, you hear your doctors talking. What is this one thing you would never want to hear these people say as you fall unconscious?
  19. You reside in a place where it is really hot all year-round. Would you rather have an air conditioning or a small quiet fan?
  20. You live where it is really cold most of the year. Would you preferably have a furnace or a chimney? Why?

Conversation Topics on Food

  1. Did you eat a healthy diet through this day? Why or why not would you say it is healthy or unhealthy?
  2. Do you at all times prefer having heavy food before sleeping?
  3. Do you know about any of the current ingredients we bought today?
  4. Do you plan all of your meals beforehand or are you more of a scattered person who likes to do things at the moment?
  5. Do you prefer in eating a lot of unhealthy or healthier food?
  6. Do you think food is very important to the system or do you think water is more important?
  7. Food and it’s vital benefits for all of our systems.
  8. Food being the primary dominant source of nourishment, do you think it is important for us to intake food daily?
  9. Have you ever had this cuisine before or is this the very first time?
  10. How could you describe your own country’s food in a sentence?
  11. How much food is according to you, very necessary to eat every day and why do you think so?
  12. What are the different types of various foods that you can cook?
  13. What are the various types of unhealthy food that you absolutely love?
  14. What can you vote for your most loved fast food?
  15. What can you vote for your most loved food restaurant?
  16. What can you vote for your most loved kind of meat?
  17. What country’s food do you think you love a lot?
  18. What would be the best food you have ever had till today itself?
  19. What would you say about the future of food in your specific country?
  20. Why is the topping for the pizza we had on Saturday evening the week before?

Conversation Topics on Nature

  1. Do you have any cool pictures of nature that will inspire other students to get out of the house and explore the world?
  2. From your perspective, how are the earth’s natural ecosystems changing over time in answer to climate change and such other human actions similar to urban development or habitat loss due to human-caused wildfires?
  3. How significant is nature to you? Why?
  4. Is a strong global economy imaginable while protecting endangered species and habitats?
  5. Is it probable for humans to reverse the damage we have done to our planet?
  6. Is there any natural phenomenon that you are expressly interested in?
  7. What are some of the benefits of unlocking more new knowledge about nature in class?
  8. What are the chief causes of deforestation?
  9. What are the adverse impacts of deforestation?
  10. What are the three most widespread natural wonders in your country?
  11. What are three major natural wonders you would like to go to see before you die?
  12. What natural wonders are endangered from climate change?
  13. What is deforestation?
  14. What is timber or forest degradation?
  15. Where is the most beautiful or natural place in your country to see or encounter nature?
  16. Which one of the ones of natural wonders would you like to visit?
  17. Aurora Borealis of Northern Hemisphere
  18. Harbour of Rio de Janeiro
  19. The Grand Canyon
  20. Great Barrier Reef
  21. Taj Mahal
  22. Australian statues
  23. Mt Everest
  24. Paricutin
  25. Famous Victoria Falls
  26. Which part of your environment would you like to alter the most at this time, if possible?
  27. Why do we require to stop deforestation?
  28. Why is it important to protect natural wonders?
  29. Why should we care about the environment?

Conversation Topics on Personal Goals

  1. Can goals help to change your life? How?
  2. Do you have any such goals that you feel are unrealistic?
  3. Do you think it is a good idea to draft your goals down and tick them off as you accomplish them?
  4. How do you intend to accomplish these goals you have set?
  5. How important are goals to you?
  6. How would you feel in spirits if you failed to accomplish any such of your goals?
  7. Is having a goal really instrumental in motivating a person?
  8. Is having a goal in life instrumental in becoming successful?
  9. Is it vital to set goals?
  10. Should parents help their kids set their own goals?
  11. What are the primary differences between male goals and female goals?
  12. What are your “long term” goals?
  13. What are your “short term” goals?
  14. What are your monetary goals?
  15. What are your goals in the current job?
  16. What do you expect to have accomplished by the time you are sixty?
  17. What goals do you have in your life?
  18. What is your biggest goal in life?
  19. Which of your goals have you already achieved?
  20. Why are goals important?

Conversation Topics on Work

  1. Are you experiencing enjoyment in yourself?
  2. Did you grow up in this area?
  3. Do you mind recommending a dish? The food looks delicious.
  4. Have you been here before? The place looks great.
  5. Have you given your effort to any exciting projects lately?
  6. How did you gather knowledge about this event?
  7. How do you know the proprietor?
  8. How long have you been together with this company?
  9. I like the selection of themes for this event. What do you think?
  10. Tell me something about yourself.
  11. What brought you here today?
  12. What do you do for a living?
  13. What do you enjoy or have fun the most about events like these?
  14. What do you like most about working in this area?
  15. What do you think of the food?
  16. What fascinated you about this event?
  17. What’s your most-loved holiday?
  18. What’s your story?
  19. Where are you from?
  20. Your tie, it’s lovely! Where did you get it?

Lost in thought about ‘if you could’

  1. According to you, who has the perfect character of being a talk show host?
  2. If given the possibility to be the boss for a day, which is the first thing you would do?
  3. If you could be any creature, what would you be?
  4. If you could be someone else for a day, who would you like to be?
  5. If you could exterminate one food so that no one would eat it ever again, what would you pick to end?
  6. If you could go to anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  7. If you could have any celeb, be your best friend, which celeb would you pick?
  8. If you could possess one talent, what would it be?
  9. If you could only dine or eat at one restaurant perpetually, what restaurant would it be?
  10. If you could only put-on one type of shoes for the rest of your life, what type of shoes would it be?
  11. If you could pick a Television show to be your life, what program would it be?
  12. If you could play any certain musical instrument, which would you play?
  13. If you could relive one day of your life, which day would you relive?
  14. If you could switch positions with anyone in your family for a day, who would it be?
  15. If you had a boat or ship, what would you name it?
  16. If you had to go to meet any historical figure and choose them as your teammate, who would it be?
  17. If you were pretty famous, what would you be famous for?
  18. What if you could restart your life all over?
  19. What is the best compliment that you have received from someone in the office?
  20. What is the one single thing that would actually help isolated teams to function better?

Conversation Topics on Society

  1. Are there any prominent examples of beauty in art?
  2. Can products be quite beautiful? What makes a particular product attractive? What is the most beautiful thing or product you own?
  3. Do you think residing in the present is more or less complicated than living in the past? Why?
  4. Do you think that problems or trials improve a person’s personality?
  5. How does the absence of inner beauty affect people?
  6. How have the standards of beauty evolved over the years?
  7. Is beauty only in the eyes of the beholder, or can we say some elements are universally beautiful?
  8. What are some among many of the biggest obstacles you have ever faced?
  9. What are some of many biggest challenges your country is facing right now?
  10. What features make a natural area beautiful?
  11. What is a trial you would never want to face?
  12. What is some among many greatest challenges you are facing right now?
  13. What is the wonderful song you have heard?
  14. What is the wonderful thing in your life?
  15. What is an exceptionally challenging job you can think of?
  16. What makes an individual beautiful to you?
  17. What makes a piece of any kind of art beautiful to you?
  18. What was the exceptionally challenging thing about your childhood?
  19. Where is the exceptionally beautiful place you have been?
  20. Why do humans find things other than humans beautiful? How does it help us?

Conversation Topics on Fears

  1. Is there any type of illnesses you are afraid of?
  2. Are there any such scary places in your hometown?
  3. Are you afraid of death?
  4. Are you afraid of getting old?
  5. Are you afraid of speaking English?
  6. Do you know anyone with a phobia?
  7. Do you know any individual with a strange fear?
  8. Do you really like horror movies? What is the most scariest movie you have seen?
  9. Have you ever been on any scary ride?
  10. How do you feel about flying? Would you ever go skydiving?
  11. How would you respond if you saw any ghost?
  12. So, you think people can really overcome their fears? How?
  13. What are your parents afraid of?
  14. What fear would you like to conquer?
  15. What is the most petrifying experience you have ever had?
  16. What is your biggest fear in life?
  17. What kinds of things can make you a little nervous?
  18. What were really you afraid of as a small child?
  19. Which animal do you most fear?
  20. Which do you get spooked by the most, hospitals or dentists?

Conversation Topics on Likes

  1. Do you have any pets?
  2. Do you like documentaries? Have you watched any good ones recently?
  3. Do you like to cook?
  4. Doing anything fun this weekend?
  5. Have you ever been here before?
  6. If you could host any talk show, who would you have on first?
  7. If you could move to any place, where would you go?
  8. What do you do for a living?
  9. What sport do you desire you were really good at?
  10. What is one interesting thing about yourself no one really knows?
  11. What is the best holiday?
  12. What is the best thing about your job?
  13. What is the next exciting event you have coming up?
  14. What is your most loved city you have visited?
  15. What is your most loved restaurant around here?
  16. Where did you grow up?
  17. Which celebrity couple do you desire would get back together?
  18. Who is your most loved celebrity couple ever?
  19. Would you rather be extremely or really hot or really cold?
  20. Would you rather explore via plane or boat?

Conversation Topics directing to ‘Have you ever’

  1. Have you ever broken a bone?
  2. Have you ever danced electronic music?
  3. Have you ever done yoga?
  4. Have you ever drunk any beer?
  5. Have you ever eaten sushi?
  6. Have you ever fallen in love?
  7. Have you ever challenged somebody at school?
  8. Have you ever gone fishing?
  9. Have you ever gone to any concert?
  10. Have you ever gone to the beach?
  11. Have you ever gone to the movies?
  12. Have you ever had an accident?
  13. Have you ever lost your wallet?
  14. Have you ever played Fortnite?
  15. Have you ever played Free Fire?
  16. Have you ever played cards?
  17. Have you ever played video games?
  18. Have you ever read any book?
  19. Have you ever run any marathon?
  20. Have you ever watched the Titanic Movie?

Conversation Topics on People

  1. Did you have an imaginative friend? What was his or her name?
  2. Have you ever been with a stranger on any blind date?
  3. Have you ever had any dream where everyone was in their underwear?
  4. Have you ever stalked with someone on social media?
  5. If someone gave you twenty dollars, what would you buy with it?
  6. If you could do something illegal without really getting caught, what would you do?
  7. If you could make up any school subject, what would it be?
  8. If you could only hold one type of food in your own pocket, what would you carry?
  9. If you had a chance to eat any dessert for breakfast every day, what dessert would you prefer?
  10. If you were any farm animal, which would you be at and why?
  11. If you were in any circus, which character would you be?
  12. What is one thing you really should never say at a wedding?
  13. What is really the best part about taking a selfie, if you could describe it now?
  14. What is the most ominous food combination you’ve ever tried?
  15. What is the worst guidance you have given?
  16. What is the worst first blind date you have ever been on?
  17. What is the most weird present you have ever received and why?
  18. What is your most loved celebrity scandal?
  19. What is your very most loved letter of the alphabet? Why?
  20. Who’s your most loved comedian?

Conversation topics 1

Conversation Topics for when you meet a genie

If I had unlimited wishes, I would desire for:

  1. A giant palace-like mansion
  2. A pet boa constrictor
  3. For Hogwarts to be a certain real place and to be the heir of Slytherin
  4. For coronavirus to be over
  5. For me to be great and exceed expectations at anything easily
  6. For my life to be very free and without bonds imposed
  7. For my mom to let me really wear whatever I please
  8. Mind reading powers
  9. No detention
  10. No homework
  11. Shapeshifting powers
  12. Teleportation abilities
  13. The ability to secretly blend in with the shadows
  14. The ability to talk to serpents
  15. To be able to go wherever I really want, whenever I would want without my parents
  16. To be the class president and control over my school
  17. To be prettier
  18. To be treated like royalty
  19. To turn the school mascot into a snake
  20. To get candy whenever I want it
  21. To have a phone
  22. To improve my posture
  23. To never have depression
  24. To not at all live in any sort of fear
  25. Unlimited money

Conversation Topics on Travel

  1. Do you like to travel with children?
  2. Do you like to travel a lot with your parents?
  3. Do you like traveling alone or in group?
  4. Do you prefer visiting beaches or mountains?
  5. Have you ever been abroad?
  6. Have you ever visited a European country?
  7. Have you ever visited an African country?
  8. Have you made any friends while you are on your vacation?
  9. Have you visited many touristic places in your country?
  10. How many countries have you visited?
  11. What are some of the goods of traveling alone?
  12. What countries would you like to visit?
  13. What places are you planning to visit?
  14. What touristic places do you prefer to visit?
  15. What is your best vacation memory?
  16. What is your worst holiday memory?
  17. When are you planning to go?
  18. Where are you planning to stay in?
  19. Who are you planning to go with?
  20. Who do you travel with?

Conversation Topics on music

  1. Do you have a most loved songs from the 90’s?
  2. Has your taste in music evolved over the years?
  3. Have you ever bought an album?
  4. How has music evolved fast over the years?
  5. How has your music tasted evolved over the years?
  6. How often do you like to music?
  7. What are some of the music videos that you like?
  8. What do you think about the music which teenagers are listening today?
  9. What do you think of those music your parents listen to?
  10. What kind of music do you like?
  11. What music do you like to dance?
  12. What type of music do you dislike?
  13. What types of music do regular people listen in your country?
  14. What would life be without music?
  15. What is your most loved band?
  16. What is your most loved song?
  17. Where do you listen to music?
  18. Which is more vital to you, music or Television?
  19. Who is your most loved singer?
  20. what music did you listen when you were a kid?

Conversation Topics on Art

  1. Are there any artists that you really think are overrated?
  2. Did you like art when you were younger?
  3. Did your school art lessons make you more or less interested in art? Why?
  4. Do you think any artists who are around now will be remembered in 50 years?
  5. Do you think that art should be subsidised or should run under the free market?
  6. How interested are you in art?
  7. How much of a priority should arts be?
  8. How well known is contemporary art from your country overseas? Should something be done to make it more well-known?
  9. If you were ever an artist, what would you be naming your first painting and why do you think you would choose this name?
  10. Is contemporary art in your country too influenced by other countries?
  11. Is government money spent on art and art education worth it? Should it be cut in difficult economic times?
  12. What do you think about abstract art?
  13. What do you think about contemporary art? What about in your country?
  14. What is the most you would spend purchasing your most loved picture (assuming you had unlimited money)?
  15. What was the last art gallery you went to? What did you think of it?
  16. What is the best show or exhibition you have ever been to?
  17. What is the most long-drawn you have ever spent in an art gallery?
  18. What is the longest you’ve ever spent looking at one artwork?
  19. When do you think the best art was being produced?
  20. Who’s your most loved artist?

Conversation Topics on Opinions

  1. Are Some Youth Sports Too Intense?
  2. Can social media become a good tool for Learning and Growth in schools?
  3. Do Films Like ‘Joker’ Endorse (or Even Promote) Violence?
  4. Do video games really deserve the bad rap they frequently get?
  5. Do you believe that aliens exist?
  6. Does the United States owe reparations to the descendants of enslaved People?
  7. Is animal testing ever justified?
  8. Is the Mona Lisa Bad for art?
  9. Should college be free?
  10. Should gifted and talented education be eliminated?
  11. Should parents track their children?
  12. Should stay-at-home parents be paid?
  13. Should all students really get mental health days off from school?
  14. Should we feel guilty when we travel?
  15. What rules, if any is there, should there be about phone use during live performances?
  16. What topics do you desire you could learn about in school?
  17. When do you really become an adult?
  18. Where should one draw the line between community health and security and individual liberty and privacy?
  19. Why is it vital for people with varied political beliefs to talk to each other?
  20. Would you replace a lost wallet?

Conversation Topics on Clothing

  1. Are there specific brands that are quite better than others?
  2. Can you be fashionable without spending money?
  3. Do fashionable clothes which really change the way a person looks?
  4. Do you find it hard to very keep up with these new trends in fashion?
  5. Do you prefer brand new clothes?
  6. Do you read fashion magazines?
  7. Do you think people should oftentimes wear what is popular or fashionable?
  8. How can I find out which kind of fashion is popular at this time of year?
  9. How do designers usually come up with new approaches for clothing?
  10. How do fashions change through history?
  11. How does fashion change over time?
  12. What is in peak fashion for women this year?
  13. What is the difference between “cool” and “fashionable”?
  14. Where is a good fashionable city in your country?
  15. Who decides what is fashionable?
  16. Who is the world’s most famous designer?
  17. Whose fashion style do you oftentimes admire most?
  18. Whose fashion style do you really dislike the most?
  19. Why should we care about fashion?
  20. Why would someone want a specified designer handbag or purse?

Conversation Topics on Sports

  1. Are you good at performing any sports?
  2. Do you ever watch soccer games?
  3. Do you have a most loved soccer team?
  4. Do you watch the champions league games?
  5. Do you watch the world cup?
  6. Have you ever in your life attended to any world cup game?
  7. Have you ever met a sport celebrity?
  8. How often do you play sports?
  9. How often do you read sport news?
  10. How often do you watch soccer games?
  11. What are some sports you dislike watching? Why?
  12. What sport would you really like to try?
  13. What sports do you really like to watch live?
  14. What sports do you really like to watch on TV?
  15. What team do you support during the world cup?
  16. What is the most expensive sport?
  17. What is your most loved professional athlete?
  18. Who is your most loved soccer player?
  19. Would you like to play any sport for a living?
  20. have you ever participated in a school team?

Conversation Topics on Outer Space

  1. Could you date or marry any astronaut?
  2. Did you ever want to be a great astronaut?
  3. Do you have the character to be an astronaut?
  4. Do you think it would really get boring in space?
  5. How vital is the job of an astronaut?
  6. If you spent six months in the space, what would you do at first when you came back to Earth?
  7. If you were any offered a job to be an astronaut, would you take it?
  8. What do you think are the real and biggest challenges of being an astronaut?
  9. What do you think spacemen worry about?
  10. What do you really think when you look at men walking on the moon or spacemen doing space walks?
  11. What do you think can be the highlights of space travel?
  12. What types of feelings and emotions do you really feel you would have on the morning of a journey into space?
  13. What kinds of people become rocketeers?
  14. What small personal and valuable item would you take with you on a journey into space?
  15. What would you say to any alien if you met one in space?
  16. Which country do you think would be the first to send cosmonauts to Mars?
  17. Would you like to be an explorer?
  18. Would you like to really experience zero gravity and weightlessness?
  19. Would you like to gear up and travel to the moon or travel into space?
  20. Would you rather have a single male or female commander on your first trip into space?

Conversation Topics on Drinks

  1. Are you into beer, wine or spirit?
  2. Do you drink fresh drinks that are made of fresh fruit or vegetables?
  3. Do you drink milk daily? How much a day?
  4. Do you ever drink energy drinks?
  5. Do you ever drink too much?
  6. How much do you like hot chocolate or plain milk shakes?
  7. Do you like trying new drinks at times?
  8. Do you prefer drinking any type of specific fruit beer, wine or spirit?
  9. Do you think you booze healthy drinks?
  10. How often do you drink alcohol?
  11. If you do drink alcoholic drinks, what are your choices when you go out?
  12. What can you say about drinking tea or coffee without granulated sugar? How many cups of any liquid do you drink a day?
  13. What about you and distilled drinks?
  14. What do you usually drink some type of liquor for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
  15. What have you drunk anything at all today and what are you intending to drink today?
  16. What is your most loved drink on a vacation day?
  17. What is your most loved kind of alcoholic drink?
  18. What is your usual regular limit when you drink alcohol?
  19. What would you say might be some of the unhealthy drinks?
  20. Which types of beverages do you think are the commonly or popularly found in the world and in your country?

Conversation Topics on Wishes

  1. Can you remember one of your wishes as a little child or teenager? How have they changed?
  2. Do you have any strange wishes?
  3. Do you try really hard for your wishes to come true or do you just desire for them?
  4. Have you ever had a desire come true?
  5. How have your wishes altered since you were young?
  6. If you could select only one single of these to come true, which one among them would it be and why?
  7. If you have a desire but your family doesn’t agree with you, what should you do?
  8. If you have a stubborn wish that your family doesn’t like or accept, what will you do?
  9. Was it what you always wanted?
  10. What are three really frequent wishes you have for your life?
  11. What are your wishes for your country? Do you think they’ll come true soon?
  12. What other wishes do you hold or have for yourself?
  13. What wishes or hopes do you contain for your family?
  14. What wishes or hopes do you contain for your life?
  15. What wishes do your parents contain for you?
  16. What would be some definite and also negative consequences (results) if each of these wishes became accurate?
  17. When you were young, how did you used to answer this specific questions: “What do you aspire to be at the time when you grow up?”
  18. Why are wishes very valuable to people?
  19. Why do we desire for obligations we do not have?
  20. Would you be very happy if all your wishes you had come true?

Conversation Topics on Emotions

  1. Are you a really sensitive person? or are you more of an emotional or less emotional than other people? What gives you this idea or why do you think so?
  2. Are you quite excited about anything coming up in the near future?
  3. Are you generally a pretty positive person or a negative person?
  4. Can you control your emotions well? How?
  5. Do people know how you feel by gazing at your face? Are you skilled at hiding your emotions?
  6. Do you find it easier to explain your feeling to another person? If not, why is it challenging?
  7. Have you been in real love? What is it like to be in real love?
  8. Have you felt satisfied recently? What made you feel that way?
  9. If you are feeling down, how can you get yourself feel better?
  10. Is sadness always a low feeling? Are there good and bad kinds of sadness? Give an example if you can.
  11. Is there any limit to how often we can feel great? If you feel good now, would that mean you will feel low at some time later?
  12. What do you do to be awake when you feel extremely sleepy?
  13. What is a crime of true passion? Can you sympathise why feelings could cause someone to commit a certain crime?
  14. What is the greatest way to cope with feelings of anger?
  15. What is the saddest movie, or song, or story that you know of?
  16. What makes you feel quite nervous? How can you calm your nerves?
  17. What makes you feel sad?
  18. What makes you feel very good?
  19. When do you feel most energized?
  20. What do you like to do with a lot of extra bursts of energy that comes rushing some times?

Conversation Topics on Deeper Connections

  1. Describe the most eye-catching artwork you’ve ever seen.
  2. Do you usually volunteer with any organizations?
  3. Do you remember the initial novel you had read? If so, what was it?
  4. How do you best offer love and support to your buddies?
  5. If your pet could talk, what would they say about you?
  6. Is there any place in the world that you feel most embodies who you are?
  7. Oceans or mountains? Why?
  8. What are you most happy for in this season of life?
  9. What do you love the most about your place?
  10. What do you wear when you feel you are very best, and why?
  11. What is one language you love to hear to even if you don’t speak or understand it?
  12. What is one thing you have succeeded as an adult that your younger self would be proud of?
  13. What is the best meal you’ve ever had, and What is the best meal you’ve ever cooked for yourself?
  14. What is your most loved thing about your personality?
  15. What is your love language?
  16. What is your most-loved comfort food?
  17. When do you feel most authentically yourself?
  18. Where do you feel most cherished and happy?
  19. Where is one place you’d love to travel too again?
  20. Which type of scent do you find the most soothing?

Conversation Topics related to Transport

  1. Can you ride a motorbike or bike?
  2. Do you enjoy driving?
  3. Do you ever fly between your own country? Why or why not?
  4. Do you ever get travel sick?
  5. Do you have a driving license?
  6. Do you think cyclists are annoying?
  7. Do you think public transport is well in your country?
  8. Does your country have a remarkable public transport system?
  9. Have you ever missed any train or plane?
  10. How could public transportation in your country be updated?
  11. How do you get to school or University or work?
  12. In general, are all the roads in your country safe?
  13. Is it okay to ride a bike in your town or city?
  14. Is traffic a bad problem in your city? What do you primarily do when you are stuck in a traffic jam?
  15. What is the most awful kind of transport you have ever been on?
  16. What is the safest or the most risky form of transport do you think?
  17. What is your most loved kind of car? Why?
  18. What will public transportation be like in future?
  19. Which form of transport is very safe overall?
  20. Which kind of transport is the most environment-friendly?

Conversation Topics for your Bucket List


  1. Compliment yourself every day in the mirror
  2. Cook all of your special personal meals for two whole weeks straight
  3. Eat any entirely plant-based diet for one whole month!
  4. Floss every night!
  5. Get a gym membership
  6. Go vegan for one month
  7. Go vegetarian for one month
  8. Meditate for fifteen minutes every night before bed
  9. Schedule an appointment with a mental health counsellor
  10. Tell someone or your pets or anyone you wish, that you love them every day


  1. Begin any college fund for each one of your children
  2. Build up any emergency or rainy-day fund
  3. Buy your own home and thence pay off the mortgage
  4. Learn to do your own taxes
  5. Max out your IRA contribution
  6. Pay off all credit card debt
  7. Pay off your student loan debt
  8. Read five books about healthy finances
  9. Start a family vacation fund
  10. Work toward an excellent credit score


  1. Dive at the Great Barrier Reef
  2. Experience the Northern Lights
  3. Go on a week-long cruise
  4. Go on a wildlife safari
  5. Hike through the Himalayas
  6. Journey to the Grand Canyon
  7. Road trip across the entire United States
  8. Swim in each of the four widely-known major oceans
  9. Touch six out of the seven continents; having Antarctica as an optional place
  10. Visit at least three out of the whole seven new Wonders of the World


  1. Establish a healthy work-life balance
  2. Have a positive work attitude every day
  3. Lead a major project through successful implementation
  4. Master a new work-related skill each year
  5. Mentor a younger or less experienced co-worker
  6. Reach “expert” level in your field
  7. Receive a big promotion
  8. Speak at an industry conference or event
  9. Start a business or any side gig for something you are enthusiastic about
  10. Take a month-long vacation

Personal goals

  1. Adopt a rescue animal
  2. Become fluent in a new language
  3. Learn how to code
  4. Learn how to play an instrument
  5. Swim under a waterfall
  6. Take an archery class
  7. Take up knitting or crocheting
  8. Try an extreme sport
  9. Try to learn a martial art
  10. Wake up to see the sunrise every day for a week

Emotional growth

  1. Find something to laugh at every day
  2. Focus on gratitude
  3. Get a plant for your workspace
  4. Learn to stand up for yourself
  5. Make time for yourself every day
  6. Organize your home and workspace; because an organised life leads to an organized mind!
  7. Spend time with those people who make you very happy
  8. Take time to appreciate the nature around
  9. Try yoga, reiki, acupuncture, or another type of calming therapy
  10. Work on giving up any negative feelings you’ve been holding on to

Conversation Topics on Books

  1. Do you sort to reading old books or modern ones?
  2. Do you sort to read one book at a time or several at once?
  3. Have you ever sorted to re-read a book that made you cry?
  4. Have you ever re-read a book which made you laugh out loud?
  5. Have you ever read a book that you just couldn’t make yourself finish? If so, what book and why?
  6. Have you read any specific book more than once? If so, what was the title? How many times have you read it?
  7. How do you specifically choose what books you want to read?
  8. What are you reading right now?
  9. What book will you read next?
  10. What is the funniest book you’ve ever read?
  11. What is the major mention-worthy longest book you’ve ever read?
  12. What is the saddest book you’ve ever read?
  13. What is the scariest book you’ve ever read?
  14. What is the shortest book you’ve ever read?
  15. What is your all-time most loved genre to read?
  16. What is your most loved book of all time?
  17. What was the last book you read?
  18. What is the best, first book you remember reading?
  19. Who is your all-time most loved character from a book?
  20. Who is your most loved author of all time?

Conversation topics 2

Conversation Topics on Television

  1. Do you prefer only listening to the radio or watching the Television?
  2. Do you think Television is educational?
  3. Do you think it is quite suitable for children to watch the Television?
  4. Do you think that Television is a good thing?
  5. Do you think that Television really makes people lazy?
  6. Do you think there are subliminal messages?
  7. Do you think there is too much of violence on Television?
  8. How often do you watch Television?
  9. If you could formulate a design for a new Television show to further boost ratings, what kind of show can it be?
  10. What are the advantages of watching Television?
  11. What are the disadvantages of watching Television?
  12. What channel is your most loved channel? Why?
  13. What do you usually watch on TV?
  14. What is the major purpose of advertising any product?
  15. What is your most loved program on cable Television?
  16. What kind of Television programs do you usually watch?
  17. What kind of Television shows do you not like? Why?
  18. What’s your most loved commercial?
  19. When you are out and you drive or walk, do you get easily distracted by the advertisements on the buses or billboards?
  20. When you go for food shopping, do you usually buy foods you have seen in Television commercials?

Conversation Topics on Movies

  1. Do you ever watch documentaries?
  2. Do you prefer to binge movies solo or with friends and family?
  3. Do you think any movie app subscription is better than a cable subscription?
  4. Do you think that individuals are willing to pay for subscriptions?
  5. Do you usually watch any movies on illegal sites?
  6. Do you watch regular movies on Netflix? What do you think about some among the many Netflix Originals?
  7. Have you ever binged any of the Tarantino Films?
  8. Have you ever viewed independent films?
  9. Have you ever watched the Exorcist?
  10. How often do you watch movies?
  11. In your view, What is the most scary or spooky film ever?
  12. What do you opine about movie apps such as Netflix or HBO Go?
  13. What do you think about superhero movies?
  14. What is better for you? Going to the theatres or streaming a movie at home?
  15. What is the best parody movie of all time?
  16. What is your most loved film? What is your most loved movie style?
  17. When was the most recent time you remember you binge-watched a movie? Tell me a little about that film?
  18. When was the most recent time you remember you physically went to the movie theatres?
  19. Which movies, as per your views, are better, DC or Marvel movies?
  20. Who is your most loved actor or actress? Can you talk to me or tell me a little bit about his or her movies?

Icebreaker Questions

  1. Are you going to describe yourself as an early bird or night owl?
  2. Be honest, how habitually or often do you work from bed?
  3. Do you have a devoted office space at home for working?
  4. Do you really love working from home or would you rather work physically in the office? Is there an equilibrium of both that you like the best?
  5. Do you usually fold your pizza while eating?
  6. Have you ever in your life met your idol?
  7. How do you remain productive and motivated when you are working virtually?
  8. How many mugs of coffee, tea, or any beverage of your choice do you have every morning?
  9. If you could try any type of food, what would it be?
  10. Imagine you have become a professional baseball player. What is can you say is your introduction song?
  11. Pick your most loved decade. Tell me more about why it is your favourite.
  12. Pull out your phone and let me know what is your most used emoji is?
  13. Suppose that you are stranded on a remote deserted palm island. Are you going to be alone or stuck with your worst enemy?
  14. Tell me more about your office space!
  15. What celebrity do majority of people say you look like?
  16. What did you consume for breakfast?
  17. What does your normal or typical work from home workwear look like?
  18. What does your usual, early morning routine look like when you are working from home?
  19. What dog breed can you see yourself as?
  20. What is among the best thing you have purchase so far, this specific year?
  21. What is one thing we can do to improve our cybernetic meetings?
  22. What is the best book you have ever read?
  23. What is the hardest thing about working virtually for you; and also, the easiest?
  24. What is the last great Television show or film you have wanted to watch?
  25. What is the utmost best super power?
  26. What is your best or favourite one tip for battling distractions when you are working from your home?
  27. What is your best preferred time for showers? Do you prefer the morning or night?
  28. What is your caffeinated brew of choice? Is it Coffee? Or Cola? Or Tea?
  29. What is your desirable go-to karaoke anthem or song?
  30. What is your most loved scent?
  31. What is your most loved type of sandwich?
  32. What type of bucket list item do you by any means want to square off in the next six calendar months?
  33. What type of fictional family would you most likely join after being reborn?
  34. What type of movie do you desire you could watch one more time for the first time?
  35. What is your most treasured flower or plant?
  36. Where do you work the most frequently from home? Is it your office? Or your kitchen tables? Is it the backyard? Or your bed?
  37. Who is the most stimulating Disney character and why do you think so?
  38. Who was your most early childhood famous crush?
  39. Would you relatively be rejuvenated as a cat or a dog?
  40. You can only eat one single food again for the remaining of your life. What is it going to be?

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