Consonant Words – Definition, Meaning, Examples | List of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Letter Consonant Words in English

Do you know everything about Consonant Words? If not, you have come to the right place as you will get complete information on Consonant Words. A list of different lengths of Consonant Words can be found on this page. Go through this article to be well versed with details like What are Consonants, Meaning, Double Consonant Words, Rules for Double Consonant Words, Different Consonant Words based on Length, and Examples.

List of Consonant Words

7 letter consonant words

  • tsktsks
  • glycyls
  • rhythms

6 letter consonant words

  • crwths
  • grrrls
  • ghylls
  • glycyl
  • glyphs
  • crypts
  • lymphs
  • myrrhs
  • nymphs
  • psychs
  • synths
  • syzygy
  • trysts
  • rhythm
  • sylphy
  • synchs
  • spryly
  • flybys
  • flysch
  • sylphs
  • tsktsk
  • xylyls

5 letter consonant words

  • crwth
  • grrrl
  • phpht
  • byrls
  • dryly
  • flyby
  • ghyll
  • crypt
  • lymph
  • lynch
  • myrrh
  • cysts
  • glyph
  • gypsy
  • hymns
  • myths
  • mythy
  • psych
  • pygmy
  • nymph
  • rynds
  • shyly
  • slyly
  • stymy
  • sylph
  • syphs
  • thymy
  • tryst
  • synch
  • syncs
  • synth
  • xysts
  • typps
  • wynds
  • wynns
  • xylyl
  • wryly

4 letter consonant words

  • brrr
  • cwms
  • hmmm
  • pfft
  • psst
  • shhh
  • tsks
  • byrl
  • drys
  • gyms
  • gyps
  • cyst
  • lynx
  • hyps
  • myth
  • hymn
  • rynd
  • scry
  • spry
  • sync
  • syph
  • typp
  • typy
  • whys
  • wyns
  • xyst
  • wynn
  • wych
  • wynd

Consonant Words

3 letter consonant words

  • brr
  • cwm
  • grr
  • hmm
  • mmm
  • nth
  • pht
  • pst
  • shh
  • tsk
  • zzz

2 letter consonant words

  • hm
  • mm
  • sh

Double Consonant Words

Words that have a consonant letter occurring in them twice successively are known as Double Consonant Words. In general, these can be found in words that have a suffix added to them. For Example beginning. They can also be found in the middle of words where they sit at the break between syllables. For example: Happy, Dollar, Furry, etc.

Rules of Double Consonant Words

It’s important to learn the rules of Double Consonant Words to better know their usage. They are as such

Doubling Consonant in Single Syllable Words

Before knowing about Doubling Consonants in Single Syllable Words you are advised to know the CVC rule i.e. Consonant Vowel Consonant Rule. If the last three letters of one syllable word follow the CVC Pattern then you should double the consonants while adding at the end.

  • Drop becomes Dropped or Dropping
  • Big becomes Bigger

If the last three words of one syllable don’t adhere to CVC Pattern then you need not double the consonants.

Doubling Consonants in Multi Syllable Words

While adding suffixes to words that have more than one syllable the problem is to deal with which syllable is stressed or emphasized but not with vowels or consonants. In case the first syllable is stressed then don’t double the consonant.

For Example, begin becomes beginning. This is because the emphasis is placed on the second syllable. If you have any doubts about which syllable is stressed try to read it out loud so that you can decide which syllable is stressed and whether to use a double consonant or not.

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Examples of Double Consonant Words

  • Attic
  • Address
  • Collect
  • Happen
  • Brilliant
  • Beginning
  • Bitter
  • Successfully
  • Annoyed
  • Difficult
  • Aggressive
  • Necessary
  • Brilliant
  • Collection
  • Channel
  • Apparatus
  • Traffic

Why Consonants are Important?

There are a few reasons that help you understand why Consonants are Important and we have explained them beneath. Have a glance and learn the advantages of knowing them in English Grammar

  • You will know whether to use a or an correctly. It is because a is used after nouns or adjectives that begin with a consonant sound.
  • Consonant Sounds make your speech easier to understand.
  • Using Consonance in your writings will add beauty to your writings. Most poets and lyricists try to do that to compel their audience to consider the rhyme created by consonance.

FAQs on Consonant Words

1. What are Consonants in Simple Words?

Consonants are the speech sounds that inhibit the breath in the vocal tract. In other words, we can say it as a speech sound that is other than a vowel.

2. What are some examples of consonant words?

Examples of consonants words are as follows

  • by
  • wynns
  • xylyl
  • tsktsks
  • rhythms
  • pyx
  • gyp

3. What are the 22 Consonants?

B, C, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, S, T, V, W, X, (sometimes Y), and Z all come under consonants.


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