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Classroom Phrases for English Teachers: In an English-speaking school, there are many diverse words used by teachers in the classroom to understand, as well as words or phrases. Teachers have their styles of articulating themselves; however, there are a few terms that are frequently practiced and part and parcel of classroom language for English teachers.

We’ve compiled a list of such phrases for you to refer to as you expand your vocabulary, communicate effectively with your pupils, and even add the phrases to classroom English for students PDF.

Classroom Phrases


When new teacher joins a class, they usually take the opportunity to introduce themselves before commencing the lessons.

  1. Hello, my name is Mr. Manish, and I’d like to introduce myself to you.
  2. Good morning, everyone. I am your new math teacher as of today.
  3. According to the schedule, I will be teaching you all English, and I will have three courses each week.
  4. My name is Miss Rani, and I am your new Chemistry instructor. This week, we’ll have two lab lessons.
  5. Hello, students. I’m your new class teacher, and I’m excited to be working with you all.

Greetings in the morning

Addressing students in the morning guarantees that the class gets off to a good start.

  1. Good morning everyone!
  2. Good to see you all after the summer break! I hope you enjoyed the vacation.
  3. Hello students!
  4. A very good morning, kids. Let us pray and start our day.
  5. Good morning students. How are you all doing?
  6. Today the sun is shining brightly. Let us get on with our lesson.
  7. Rajesh, how are you feeling today?
  8. Hello everyone! Good to see you all after the term break. Welcome to your new class.
  9. Hello class! What do we have for the first lesson today?

Greetings in the afternoon

The classes recommence when the lunch break is over. Teachers and students exchange greetings once more before continuing to their lessons.

  1. Good afternoon, everyone.
  2. Good afternoon kids.
  3. I hope you had your lunch properly.
  4. Settle down, students. The lunch break is over. Get back to your places.
  5. I’m still standing, even though the lunch break ended a few minutes ago.
  6. It’s all I have to say about that, get back to work.
  7. What is the commotion all about Rajesh?
  8. Hello there Ram, get back to your seat.
  9. I believe we are ready to proceed.
  10. We won’t begin until everyone has quietened down.

Classroom Phrases for English Teachers 1

Phrases used during a register call

Every day in class, roll call is an integral part of the routine. These phrases are very common and widely used when it comes to taking attendance.

  1. Class, get ready for your attendance.
  2. Students respond to your roll call.
  3. What is wrong with Rajiv? He has been absent for three consecutive days.
  4. Today the attendance is a complete 100 percent.
  5. Who are all absent today?
  6. Arnav, please respond to your roll call.
  7. Everyone pay attention; I am not going to call your name twice.
  8. Why were you absent yesterday, Rahul?
  9. I need a written note from your note explaining the reason for your absence this week.
  10. Ramya, please write the name of the absentees on the blackboard.

Phrases and terms used to appreciate a student

Teachers are often exploring opportunities to show their appreciation to their students. Appreciating and actively encouraging them offers them the potential to thrive and achieve their full potential.

  1. In the essay, you did a really good performance.
  2. Spectacular!
  3. Don’t spend time worrying about the rest; just do your best performance.
  4. Outstanding job!
  5. Phenomenal!
  6. Well done.
  7. Fabulous.
  8. I knew you’d be able to pull it off.
  9. You’ve got your thinking cap on today.
  10. You are catching on fast.
  11. Outstanding!
  12. Smart work.
  13. You made our school proud.
  14. I am impressed with you.
  15. I appreciate the effort you put in.
  16. Your hard work on this project is unrivaled.
  17. I believe in you.
  18. Magnificent!
  19. It’s the moment you put in that counts.
  20. You’ve hit the nail on the head.
  21. Beautifully presented.
  22. Keep practicing, and your grades will improve.
  23. You’ve made significant strides.
  24. This is much better.
  25. Incredible work.
  26. You’re an excellent role model for others.
  27. You have a positive mindset.
  28. Fantastic job!
  29. You put out a solid effort.
  30. You’re a really responsible person.
  31. You have the potential to be the best.
  32. Excellent work. Keep up the good work.
  33. Every day, you’re rapidly growing smarter.
  34. Your creative approach is much encouraged.
  35. Bravo!
  36. I like your dedication to excellence.
  37. I always believed you had the potential to do it.
  38. This is a significant improvement.
  39. You topped the class because of your meticulous attention to detail.
  40. You have a wealth of talent.
  41. Your assignment is A+.
  42. It is indeed working well.
  43. You truly are a valuable asset to this school.
  44. Keep pushing forward; you’re becoming better.
  45. Superb!
  46. Well done!
  47. Your project is consistently excellent!
  48. You strive to exceed and beyond.
  49. Greatly appreciate your leadership and finally completing the task.
  50. Remarkable!
  51. Wow!
  52. Your poetic analysis was excellent.
  53. I am proud of you.
  54. Very good work.
  55. Brilliantly executed, I have to say.
  56. I believed you could get there.

Phrases to correct the error of a student

If a child gets something wrong, they should always be quickly corrected.

  1. Please fix the error in your assignment immediately.
  2. You gave it your all, but the solution is inaccurate.
  3. Continue to work hard, and you will triumph.
  4. There is no pressure; you give it your best shot and do everything well. There’s no need to panic.
  5. You are partially accurate; continue working on it, and you will triumph.
  6. There is a mistake in this calculation, do it once more.
  7. I’m afraid this is completely incorrect.
  8. Give it a second chance, kid.

Phrases used while assigning homework

After a class, assigning homework is required to assess the students’ comprehension.

  1. Complete the task on page 29 for your homework assignments.
  2. I will not tolerate any lame excuses if you do not submit your assignment tomorrow.
  3. Have you all written down your homework assignments?
  4. Do you have a clear understanding of the section you need to summarise?
  5. Please take notes on the blackboard for your assignment.
  6. For tomorrow’s history lesson, prepare a presentation on our President.
  7. For your arithmetic assignment, learn the 13 tables; I’ll ask everyone to recite them.
  8. There is no homework for this weekend, so sit back and enjoy it.
  9. For your homework, write an essay on “Harmful effects of the internet.”

Common instructions and phrases for students

Teachers can converse with their students in a range of methods, both in terms of teaching them what to do and in terms of social interaction. These are just a couple of the most common.

  1. Students, turn to page 45.
  2. Make a line in the hallway and stand in it.
  3. I’d like the class to be completely silent.
  4. We have a little more time left, so we’ll complete this topic today.
  5. Please pack your belongings.
  6. Make sure your desk is tidy.
  7. Sonal, please stand up.
  8. Raghu, please go outside and stand.
  9. It is advised that you avoid bringing any expensive items to school.
  10. Please keep the board clean.
  11. Everyone, please put your fingers on your lips.
  12. Can we begin our lessons after you’ve done speaking?
  13. What exactly is going on there that is so interesting and exciting? Please share this news with the entire class.
  14. Raman, come to the board and solve the sum.
  15. The blue house is in charge of the board this week.
  16. I want a pin-drop silence in the class, everyone.
  17. Do not yell since the next class starts in ten minutes.
  18. Stay in your classes and completely avoid idling in the hallway.
  19. We’ve only started our class for ten minutes. What have you been up to lately?
  20. Work and stop talking.
  21. You’re running late for class again and again.
  22. Please inform your parents that I need them to come tomorrow because I have something very important to inform them.
  23. Please wait your turn to talk by raising your hand.
  24. Don’t comment before your turn.
  25. Pay attention instead of fidgeting with your crayons.
  26. Divide yourself into six groups for the final assignment.
  27. Why didn’t you bring your homework with you?
  28. Please pay close attention; I will not reiterate the simple instructions.
  29. Switch off the lights and the fans before leaving for home.
  30. The timetable must be put on the wall of the classroom.
  31. Raju, please take the first row.
  32. Make a note of everything I mention.
  33. Someone get me a piece of chalk from the next classroom.
  34. Is it completely clear, or do I need to explain it once again?
  35. What happened to your previous book?
  36. Is everyone able to see the board?
  37. Each student must carry pencils and notebooks.

Phrases for events that are unique

Many important events are celebrated, and some are declared as holidays. These events are addressed a bit differently.

  1. Everyone, give Malini a standing ovation since she won the inter-school debate birthday.
  2. Rohan’s birthday is today, and everyone, stand up and wish him a very happy birthday.
  3. Everyone should reach school on time for the annual day celebration.
  4. I wish you all the best of success in your examinations.
  5. Have a fantastic weekend.
  6. Everyone, have a relaxing holiday.
  7. I wish you, everyone, a wonderful Christmas.
  8. Greetings on the occasion of Easter.
  9. Is anyone willing to participate in today’s morning assembly?

Phrases commonly used during an examination

All students dread examinations. These phrases are invariably a part of the exam hall ambiance.

  1. Nobody will begin writing before the timer beeps on.
  2. Try checking over the questions and let us know if you have any concerns.
  3. Continue writing after fastening your sheets.
  4. There will be no discussions allowed.
  5. When the bell rings, everyone must put down their pencils.
  6. You all can start writing your answers now; all the best!
  7. There is a change in question number eight; everyone, please follow.
  8. No extra time will be given, so hurry up.

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Mastering these common classroom phrases can help you build a more genuine learning environment.

Apart from using these phrases mentioned above, you can use other words and terminology to enhance your teaching experience and make the class more interactive and lively.

A wide variety of English Grammar Notes and rules along with enough examples is available for students right from beginner to advanced level and can be downloaded for free.

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