Circular Reasoning Fallacy Examples, Synonyms, How To Stop a Argument? and Meaning

Circular Reasoning Fallacy Examples: The action of thinking about something sensibly and logically is known as Reasoning. The use of invalid or faulty Reasoning in the construction of an argument is known as a fallacy. Fallacies are either committed to manipulating the statement by deception or are committed unintentionally due to the carelessness of the speaker. Errors are divided into formal and informal ones.

A formal fallacy is a flaw in the structure of the argument that renders the argument invalid, while an informal fallacy creates an error in Reasoning than improper logical Reasoning. Circular reasoning fallacy is when the reasoner starts the debate with what they are trying to end with. This is not a formal logical fallacy but a pragmatic defect in the argument whereby the premises and conclusion require proof or evidence; hence, the statement fails to continue. Circular Reasoning constituting too many propositions is very difficult to detect.

In this article, we will discuss the circular reasoning synonyms elaborately. Detailed circular reasoning examples and their explanations and circular reasoning examples in media are also provided to get the reader’s hook.

Circular Reasoning Fallacy

What is Circular Reasoning?

The term is taken from the Latin word Circulus in Demonstrando, which happens when the end of the argument appears at the beginning without being proven itself. Circular Reasoning is classified as an informal fallacy rather than a logical formal fallacy. In a logical fallacy, the argument follows a pattern where supposedly B proves A.

However, in a circular error, reasoning B depends on A to be true, creating the statement to loop back around.

Examples of Circular Argument

The circular argument, also known as circular questioning or circular hypothesis, is very easy to spot as both parts of the discussion essentially make the same point. Some examples are:

Everyone loves Jennifer because she is so popular.

One must obey the rule because it is illegal to break the law.

Dhruv’s new book is well written because Dhruv is a wonderful writer.

Canada is the best place to live because it is better than any other country.

Violent video games cause children to be violent because violent children play violent video games.

There is no evidence of validating their claims in all these four statements except the assertion that one point proves the other.

Circular Reasoning Fallacy Examples 2

Circular Reasoning in Politics

Often politicians, though we’ll be trained in rhetorics, damage their arguments with circular Reasoning. A classic example of circular Reasoning in politics is that the opposition claims a certain bill to be illegal since it has not yet been lawful. Another classic example is respecting an elected candidate because they are a selected candidate.

In the modern era, the phrase “fake news” makes the listeners believe the media’s negative coverage of the government is false.

In 2017, the former United States president, Mr Donald Trump, quoted “The news is fake because so much of the news is fake.”. The example given is a classic example of circular Reasoning in the field of politics and media.

Circular Arguments and Paradoxes

Circular arguments often lead to paradoxical situations where two realities cannot exist simultaneously. One of the most well-known examples of circular statements leading to a paradoxical situation is the common question of “What came first chicken or egg?”.

Often in the argument, the speaker follows a circular road of Reasoning. The Reasoning may go from the egg must have come from a chicken, so the latter is first, but without an egg, there will be no chicken, so that that egg might have come first; without any chicken, there will be no egg.

Catch-22 Situations

The titular “catch” from Joseph Heller’s Catch-22 is a popular literary example of Circular Reasoning. Catch-22 is a colloquialism that means being trapped in a circular argument with no way out of the idea.

Circular Reasoning Examples in Advertisements

Advertisements use circular reasoning arguments to promote their brand. A classic example of circular Reasoning is that a store advertising that it is the best place to shop because they said so. Another example is vehicle companies advertising they have a huge market hold to buy their vehicle.

Circular Reasoning Examples in Media

There have been many instances of circular Reasoning in media. Some well-known and common examples are that the media is unbiased because the media says it is impartial. The press is unfair to conservatives because they say so themselves and many others.

Circular Reasoning Fallacy Examples 1

Synonyms of Circular Reasoning

Popularly known as the synonym of circular Reasoning, begging the question is taken from a Latin phrase meaning Petitio Principii. The word begging the question implies that it assumes that the first part of the argument is true to prove the second part which is quite similar to circular Reasoning. However, both these concepts are not completely identical to each other.

Circular Examples of Begging the Question

Begging the question, arguments are circular arguments in nature. For example, women of age eighteen years or above have the right to vote because it is legal to vote.

The above-given argument is secular because it goes directly back to the beginning. Women who are eighteen years of age or above have the right to vote because it’s legal for them. It’s legal for women of age eighteen or above to vote because they have the right to vote.

To get out of the argument, the listeners have to provide additional evidence to bring this loop to an end.

Non Circular Example of Begging The Question

As in begging the question argument, the first part always assumes it does not necessarily have to be circular. For example, women of age eighteen years or above are mature, so they should have the right to vote.

In the above example, the listener is asked to assume that women who are eighteen or older are mature to agree that they should have voting rights. Here, the listener does not have to agree with the right to vote to concur with the maturity of women of age eighteen years or above. Hence, this is not a circular reasoning argument.

How to Stop a Circular Argument?

The only and the best way to end a circular argument is by providing evidence. Whether arguing with the other person who relies on the conclusion to prove the premises or while writing a circular statement, additional evidence will bring the loop to an end.

We should keep our minds open to changes based on evidence to ensure that the argument does not become circular.

Takeaway From This Article

This article is very useful for writers and helps students who are interested in writing as well as in debates. The report will help the readers enhance their knowledge of English and might make people more aware of how different literary exercises. This will also be a great help to aspiring speakers in avoiding circular Reasoning of their arguments.

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