Character Traits | List of Character Traits With Meanings and Examples

Character Traits: Character traits is a term we always come across. We use it in our day-to-day conversations. In this article, you will learn what does the term character traits mean. We have made a list of character traits that we use regularly. This list consists of positive character traits, negative character traits and is supported with meaning and examples of character traits.

A character characteristic is something that you can use to characterize a specific part of someone’s behavior. These are the distinct characteristics that shape the personality of a natural person or a fictitious character.

Positive and negative character traits can be found in any nature or person, including yourself.

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People frequently confuse the character attribute with the personality trait. However, this is not always the case.

The two are very distinct, yet it is not always easy to tell the difference. The best approach to distinguish between the two is to consider a personality feature as something visible to an outsider. However, the character feature is not immediately apparent to someone on the outside, and you will find that these traits grow with time.

A character attribute is an excellent method to describe a person to someone who does not know them well. On the other hand, a character trait is a fantastic means of constructing a fictitious character and is frequently found in works of fiction to the characters on the page to life and give them a more human feel.

List of Character Traits

Names of Character Traits

Description of the Character Traits on the list

Character Traits based on Morals and Values


Meaning: A person with courage is known as brave.

Example: Alex was brave enough to jump in the river to save the puppy.


Meaning: A person who shows sympathy or concern for others.

Example: Believe it or not, Vik is one of the most compassionate guys you’ll ever come across.


Meaning: A person who has and shows regard to others and their feelings.

Example: Thank you for being considerate, even though this is probably the most competitive game one can come to.


Meaning: A person who shows courage.

Example: This troop of soldiers is the most courageous one I have ever come across.


Meaning: A person who remains loyal or is steadfast in affection.

Example: It is hard to find a faithful business partner in today’s cruel world.


Meaning: A person who is ready to give more than what is necessary.

Example: The alumni were very generous to help the school with the new academic building.


Meaning: A person who is regularly or constantly working with energy and commitment.

Example: You need to be hard-working if you wish to achieve your goals in life.


Meaning: Someone who is truthful and sincere.

Example: No matter how big the trouble he falls in, he is always honest.


Meaning: A person who is not proud or thinks themself better than others.

Example: Even though he is one of the best players on the team, he is humble enough to play together with everyone.


Meaning: A person who is free and not subject to control by others.

Example: Julie has always been an independent woman even though she had to deal with many problems.


Meaning: Someone who leads or commands a group or organization, or country.

Example: Bella’s confidence and persuasiveness will make her a great leader in the future.


Meaning: A person who is faithful to someone or something.

Example: The team was loyal towards their coach and school.


Meaning: A person who can be trusted with something.

Example: Even though he is just eighteen, Larry is responsible enough to stay on his own.


Meaning: A person who has confidence in themself.

Example: While walking down the aisle, he was self-confident about his performance.


Meaning: A person who lacks consideration for other people and is only concerned with their well-being.

Example: Believe it or not, John only agreed to join us for his selfish reasons.


Meaning: A person who is very much connected to their inner spirit or soul.

Example: Though he is a doctor, he believes in spiritual healing as much as he practices physical healing.


Meaning: A person who is not selfish and is concerned about others.

Example: Jack is one of the most unselfish around. He tries to help the community in all the possible ways he can.

Character Traits based on Physical and Emotional Values


Meaning: Someone who has sufficient authority, strength, skill, and resources.

Example: Peter can make enough contributions to society.


Meaning: A person who is engaged in some activity.

Example: Even though Kevin is busy, every evening, he would make time for his children.


Meaning: A person who is too proud of themself.

Example: Bill is so conceited that he is never ready to hear about others’ problems.


Meaning: A person who has a negative personality.

Example: I can’t believe Megan is such a dark individual.


Meaning: A person with exceptional skill or knowledge in something.

Example: Don’t worry, you are a chess expert. You’ll easily qualify for the finals.


Meaning: A person who is soft and delicate.

Example: The dog is very gentle with her children.


Meaning: A person who has an impressive and pleasing appearance.

Example: I’m not surprised that Robert made it into the ramps. He is very handsome for his age.


Meaning: A very creative person.

Example: Josh is very imaginative regarding his lyrics, with deep meanings related to his life.


Meaning: A person experiencing or showing joy.

Example: Mary is joyful to hear the news of her selection in her dream university.


Meaning: Someone who is very clumsy.

Example: Laila is messy when it comes to keeping her place organised.


Meaning: A person who causes trouble.

Example: Mathew is the mischievous one among the three brothers.


Meaning: A clean person.

Example: Peter is very neat with all his work and does not like to be bothered while working.


Meaning: A person who shows their love and devotion for their country.

Example: The game is between the two national teams and two fiercely patriotic crowds.


Meaning: A person lacking material possessions or living in poverty.

Example: Tom’s gambling habits have led to the poor condition he is in right now.


Meaning: A person who is commonly liked or approved.

Example: Veronica is one of the popular girls in her high school.


Meaning: A person who is attractive to look at.

Example: Alice was looking pretty in that white gown which her grandmother made for her.


Meaning: A person who shows disapproval for something inappropriate.

Example: John is not only honest, but a prim guy and will not tolerate any misdeeds under his watch.


Meaning: A person who is correct according to social and moral rules.

Example: It is essential that being proper is taught at a very young age.


Meaning: Someone with abundant materialistic wealth.

Example: Even though he is the richest man around the town, he is humble towards everyone.


Meaning: A person who is not tall.

Example: It is surprising how Jack plays one of the significant roles in the team, even with that short height.


Meaning: A person who has excellent physical power.

Example: Gina’s strong calf muscles help her to get speed while sprinting.


Meaning: A person who has achieved their goal or aim.

Example: Not only is he a successful businessman, but also a very humble person.


Meaning: A person with good height.

Example: Jona is tall, and that has helped her with her basketball games.


Meaning: Someone unpleasant to the sight.

Example: I should not be commenting, but she looks really ugly in that weird rainbow colour dress.


Meaning: A person who is lively and outgoing.

Example: Harry is the wild one among all his brothers when it comes to sports.

Character Traits based on Personalities


Meaning: Someone who is ready to take risks and try out new things.

Example: It is always great to have an adventurous friend like Rose.


Meaning: A person who desires to be successful.

Example: Mary was very ambitious throughout her high-school life.


Meaning: A person who is dominating or fond of giving orders.

Example: If you be so bossy, no one will come to help you with the project.


Meaning: A person who is full of happiness and optimism.

Example: The team was very cheerful during the competition.


Meaning: A person who is willing to help.

Example: You should be cooperative enough to make a mark in the industry.


Meaning: A person who is imaginative and creates something new.

Example: It is hard to find such creative talents in today’s world.


Meaning: A person who desires to know.

Example: Being curious can be very helpful to learn new skills which may help you in the future.


Meaning: A person who takes on bold actions.

Example: John is daring enough to challenge the most vital player from the opponent team.


Meaning: A person who is not easily satisfied.

Example: The boss is very demanding when it comes to his interns.


Meaning: A person who dreams.

Example: Tyler is a dreamer when it comes to his future.


Meaning: A person who is filled with energy.

Example: The crew looks very energetic for their performance.


Meaning: An enthusiastic person.

Example: The children were excited to go to the amusement park.


Meaning: A person who is kind and pleasant.

Example: He is the friendly one in the class.


Meaning: A humorous person.

Example: Linda is funny, which makes her one of the most humble ones among us.


Meaning: A person who is ready to help.

Example: The boy was helpful toward all the older people in society.


Meaning: A person who acts on impulse.

Example: Being impulsive is not a good thing. However, it has its perks.


Meaning: A person who can easily understand or learn new things.

Example: They must be intelligent enough to learn the work within these two weeks of training.


Meaning: A person who is not active.

Example: He is very lazy and does not do any work assigned to him.


Meaning: A person that deserves or arouses pity.

Example: Jack’s condition is pitiful, but no one comes ahead to help him.


Meaning: Someone who is appealing.

Example: He is the pleasing one around the party.


Meaning: A person feeling pride.

Example: The father was proud of both her daughters.


Meaning: A person does not talk much.

Example: Being entirely is a quality pretty hard to master.


Meaning: A person who is sincere and does not take things lightly.

Example: Adam is very serious about his career.


Meaning: A person spends a lot of time studying.

Example: Billy is so studious that he is missing out on his high-school fun.


Meaning: A person who is considerate about others’ well-being.

Example: Kate is thoughtful about anyone and everyone around her.


Meaning: A person who is easily frightened.

Example: He is too timid to confess his feelings for her.


Meaning: A person with quick humour.

Example: The man was witty, and everyone loved being around him.

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