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Cat Breeds: Animals have tenanted the earth since ancient days. Alongside humans, animal species of cats, dogs, chimpanzees, and others have lived in the environment for years, till current times.

To be conscious citizens and knowledgeable human beings, we need to learn about various official cat breeds that live alongside us, on Earth. Some of these contain American cat breeds which are also a part of the extra knowledge we need to have.

We have penned down this article containing a list of cat breeds and added cat breed information for those who want to study more about this subject.

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List of Cat Breeds

Name of Cat Breeds

Description of the Cat Breeds on the list


These cats bear the resemblance of the Felis Iybica, who is the ancient African ancestor of the domestic cat. They have large ears, almond-shaped eyes, and an ancient feel to them. This breed has a unique colour and regal appearances that portrays their endearing personality and abundant energy.

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Carnivora
Suborder Feliformia
Family Felidae
Subfamily Felinae
Genus Felis
Species F. Catus
Scientific name Felis Catus

American Curl

The American Curl is a very unique breed of cat breed identified by its ears that are bent backward, crescent-shaped.

These unusual ears originate from a natural mutation in a cat living in the southern portion of the United States. Generally, they are very high-spirited and active cats who can be found in an enormous variety of fur colours and patterns.

American Bobtail

The American Bobtail was born from the result of a genetic mutation, and are by no means a crossbreed or have no connection with the Japanese Bobtail. Researchers selected individuals with the same characteristically shorter tail to define the breed’s traits and grant it a lineage.

Thus, this Lynx-like cat may look like a wild feline, but they are purely domestic cats at heart.

American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is the same shorthair breed of North America as the British Shorthair of England and the European Shorthair of Continental European regions. These three breeds of short-haired cats were naturally created and were favoured by humans as relevant assistants for exterminating rats and mice.

American Wirehair

Spontaneous genetic mutations had caught the interest of cat breeders and led to the creation of the widespread American Wirehairs, which are a new breed and are American Shorthairs with authoritative mutated genes, which causes their fur to grow stiffer and curly.

These cats are still uncommon in Europe, but in America, they are known for their unique appearance and also for their ‘easy-going’ and docile temperament.

Turkish Angora

The origin of this cat species can be traced back to more than 2000 years in East Asia. They have a graceful gait and mid-lengthed, vaporous fur which was said to have charmed the French monarchy. They are lively, curious and playful, but also enjoy moments of tenderness with family members.


This breed, despite of its name, is not a native cat species to Bali. They originate from litters of the Siamese kittens, where a group was born with mid-length fur. In 1950 two breeders gained interest in these kittens, and in order to preserve their unique trait they chose to try and create a new breed, known as the Balinese, today.


These cats capture anyone’s attention with their beauty and endless energy and playfulness. They are both graceful and elegant and none can ignore these unique cats. They closely resemble little leopards due to their physique and temperament.

Russian Blue

This elegant feline breed comes with a rich, dark blue coat, which appears to be splattered with silver. The Russian Blue cat breed loves to cuddle, and are mostly quiet and reserved. They will be the perfect companion to anyone who offers more time and a tranquil home.

Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail, like its name symbolises, has a short or bobbed tail. This breed comes with a tail which is naturally shorter than that of any usual domestic cat.

The tail also folds over to form a tassel-like shape on their lower back, which is pretty unique. They are very rare in Europe, but they are steadily earning recognition, due to their unusual tails and cheerful, energetic and charming personalities.


This cat breed resembles the character of Bagheera from The Jungle Book. The Bombay is a breed that looks like a real-life, mini black panther and no white hairs can be found on their bodies. Their jet-black coats, and piercing yellow eyes give them an indisputable charm.

British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is famous in England with their rounded heads and teddy bear-like appearance, and their noble charm. Their captivating appearance and beautiful blue color are often confused with the Chartreux.


This breed is also termed as the “Sacred Cat of Burma”, and the Malayan, especially in the United States. The whole of the Burmese breed has the same ancestor, which is a brown-coated cat, whose coat is darker on its toes, and which was brought back from the country of Burma.

There are two known lineages of Burmese; one of their English origins and the other is known to be their American, with a few facial morphological differences between them.

Cat Breeds 2


Chausies are a breed of hybrid cats, that originated from cross-breeding between a domestic cat species and a wild cat, species known as the Jungle Cat or most commonly as Felis Chaus.

These breeds were native to parts of Central Asia, the Middle Eastern regions and Africa. The Chausie breed is tall, powerful, and greatly active, and love big open spaces to play around in.


The Ceylon originated from the island of Ceylon, which has now become part of Sri Lanka. They were first introduced in Europe in 1984 in Milan. This breed is an extremely rare breed, and only a very few individual Ceylon cats are currently found in regions of Italy and France.

The Ceylons are highly active cats that love eating coconut pulp, hence confirming their tropical origin.

Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex has a body very similar to a greyhound, which is long and smooth, and a set of large ears that make this cat very unique. This breed is also significant due to the character of their hair, a light fluff with slight ripples and curls.


The Cymric is a long-haired Manx breed. They share the same physical and genetic traits, except for the colour of their coats. Although this tailless cat is a natural inhabitant of the Isle of Man, some Canadian breeders have insisted that this breed has originally emerged from there.

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex closely resembles the Cornish Rex due to its slender legs, muscular built, and tail. However, its curly hair is more similar to that of a Poodle or a sheep. The breed has round ears are like those of bats; and is unique in its appearance.

Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau bears the appearance of an ancient Egyptian work of art. The Egyptian Mau is a natural breed and contests with the Abyssinian for the title of the most ancient domestic cats, alive.

They have green gooseberry eyes that carry a slightly uptight expression, and elegant power, peaceful and docile temperament that make the Egyptian Mau so admired.

Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic, alternatively known as the Exotic Shorthair, has characteristics that make them appear like a teddy bear. Their dense hair is lovable to the touch, which give them the appearance of a furball, and their nature is gentle and quiet, with a touch of childlike madness. They prefer cosy apartments that are adventurous.


This breed has lustrous, silky fur and slim bodies that give them a beautiful and refined look. Their appearance is dainty, yet they are both muscular and flexible. Their meowing can be incensing and they are usually described as loud cats.

Havana Brown

The Havana Brown is an elegant house cat with a smooth, shiny coat of a rich mahogany brownish colour. Its name comes from a rabbit breed whose fur is specifically the same colour. These cats are friendly, affectionate, and smart.


The Scottish and the Highland breeds both arise from Scotland. The Highland is a long-haired Scottish breed with folded or straight ears. The Highland is medium-sized with a moderately rounded body and is known to be easy-going, and generally considered a healthy breed.


The Himalayan is a kind of Persian cat breed, similar to a rabbit species with a similar coat. These cats are considered a breed in its own, and some European countries have marked them as a variety of Persian. They are a sweet and affectionate cat breed but also friendly and playful.

Khao Manee

They are known as the ‘White Gems’ of Thailand, due to being both rare and mysterious; and an ancient breed, that were mentioned in literature dating back to the 14th century, in the past.

They are named after their spotless white coats, and are referred to as ‘Diamond Eye,’ which is based upon their sparkling eyes, resembling two precious stones.


The kinkalow is a unique cat breed that was introduced in the United States. It is a hybrid of the American Curl and Munchkin breed. The kinkalow is of a curious nature that loves being active. However, this breed has stubby legs.

The kinkalow breed is excellent choice for more youthful members because they are not competitive, or attention demanding.


According to traditional Thai beliefs, the Korat, which is known as the “Si-Sawat” or the ‘color of prosperity’ in Thailand, make a fascinating cat breed with bright green eyes and a cerulean coat with silver tips, that seemingly bring lucky and are considered a symbol of wealth.

British Longhair

British Longhairs are easily recognisable due to their round and cuddly appearance. The colour of their coat varies diversely. The breed is dignified and elegant, but it’s the blue variety led to it being recognised worldwide. Their long fur was long considered a deficit, but it is now revered as an endearing trait.


This American breed is a cute, curly-coated cat breed known as LaPerm. It was suddenly discovered when a kitten with a curly-haired trait was born at a farm, which confirmed that the birth of this new breed is a natural mutation.

Maine Coon

Maine Coons are the largest among any domestic cat breeds. They have a genuinely gigantic, tall, and strong feature.

They resemble a Lynx due to their thick coat and the groves at the tips of their ears. This breed is always lively and engaging, and make incredible companions, being nicknamed as ‘Big Friendly Giants’ by families who own them.


Manx are a unique breed because they lack tails, due to genetic mutation possibly made by the high rate of feline inbreeding on the Isle of Man. The mutated gene reduces its tails to varying rates depending on the individual, which means that while most Manx have no tail, some have one. They have a playful and endearing nature.


Munchkins are a breed who run around and sneak into the tiniest of corners; and are also notable for their ability to shift on a dime despite their peculiar shape. This breed little parcels of joy and their tiny legs do not hold them back from jumping high.


The Nebelung is close relative of the Russian Blue. Their fur is mid-length and smooth-textured and does not knot. This breed is elegant and affectionate and truly enjoys the company of humans and calm environments.

Norwegian forest

This breed is a little Nordic feline surviving cold and harsh climate, and this breed is natural creation. They have a beautiful coat, a strong constitution and hunting skills. They are capable of demonstrating adaptability that makes them very attractive, especially since they have great personalities.


This breed is a large wild cat called the Ocelot, because of the similarity with the coat of the Ocelot that the breeder gave it this designation. This breed is elegant in appearance and are great pets to live with. They will adapt to any indoor atmosphere that suits their needs.


This cat is very graceful and have slender and stylish figures, with elegant movements. They have long been seen as a mutation of the non-conforming Siamese breed.

They form a distinct breed, distinguished among others by their eyes which are not the characteristic blue. This cat is purely and, making them a delight for the eyes.


The Persian out of all breeds of long-haired cats, is undoubtedly the most famous. They have a kingly appearance and attitude, and their origin can be traced back to some 300 years ago. The Persian breed comes from the rigorous selection controlled by the breeders to obtain today’s characteristics.


This breed is an affectionate and chatty ball of enthusiasm, and this Russian breed with their Oriental faces and their almost non-existent coat are a beautiful sight.

Pixie Bob

The initial origin of the Pixie-bob is a crossbreed of male bobcats and domestic cats, and their genetic analyses has detected no markers to link these two types of felines. These cats are charming, and their physique is beautiful. They have a muscular build, and locks of hair on the peaks of their ears, their stubby tails.


These cats are a magnificent and elegant breed and are surprisingly larger than other breeds and more commanding despite their subtle figure. They are descendants of Ragdolls and are sweet-natured, calm, and tender.


Their elegance and gentle nature mark these beautiful, blue-eyed, and commanding cats. They can rest their entire bodies when being carried, growing almost limp, which inspired their breed’s name.


The Savannah is a hybrid mixture that originated from a cross between a domestic cat and a Serval, a wild cat from Africa. They are athletic, graceful, and have the charm of their wild ancestors.

Scottish Fold

This breed is initially from Scotland, and the Scottish Fold has the unusual feature of ears folded forward due to a genetic mutation, giving them their name. They have a roundish body, with soft, dense fur and a circular head with big doe eyes, giving this cat the look of a stuffed animal.

Cat Breeds 1

Selkirk Rex

The Selkirk Rex varies from the Devon Rex and Cornish Rex because their curls are not alike. They have apparently more hair than their Devon or Cornish equivalents. Their hair is also modified when compared to the LaPerms, and their coat is more similar to that of a sheep.


They are often known as ‘the prince of cats’ due to their elegance. They often have a habit of walking on their tiptoes. They have triangular faces and big pointed ears that make them charming. This breed has an intense blue eye. They have a croaky, dissonant voice which is very different from any other breed.


This Russian breed is accustomed to the harsh climates of southern Siberia, giving them their name. They have very rounded figures, and their fur is much dense in winter than in the summertime. They are large cats with mid-length hair.

Cat Breeds 3


They have a tiny head and rounded eyes. They are the most petite cat breed in the world, and their personality is that of a king. Their coat is similar to an Abyssinian’s coat, and they have a permanent kitten-like appearance.


The Snowshoe breed is an American cat breed whose white forefeet look like little shoes for hiking in the snow, giving them their name. They are chatty and endearing and are very friendly and adjustable to family life.


The Sokoke, which is alternatively called the African Shorthair, gained its name from the forest in Kenya. This cat breed is natural and lives in trees: their wildcat appeal and slender and marbled silhouette are a beautiful sight. This breed is lively, fast, and an excellent climber.


A Somali is actually a long-haired Abyssinian, and both these breeds share the same features, except for hair lengths. These felines are identified by the dense colour of their coats, the fleeting appearance of their fur, and also their somewhat bubbly personality.


Safaris are a recent hybrid breed, and only about 70 of these cats exist in the world at present. They are the end result of a cross between the domestic cat and Geoffroy’s Cat, a Bolivian feline species. Safaris are ambiguous, little known, and quite fascinating.


The Tiffany, a relatively rare breed, originated from the UK and is considered the long-haired version of the English Burmese breed and the Asian breed. These cats have middle-lengthed coats and are anointed with an extraordinary elegance.


Tonkinese is a domestic cat breed resulting from crossbreeding of a Siamese and a Burmese cat. They have the mixed characteristics traits of both breeds. The Tonkinese is elegant, muscular, and energetic, making them great playmates.


The Toyger is a fairly newer breed that is still evolving. Their appearance makes them look like a mini tiger. They have a powerful body with tiger-coloured fur on an orangish base, a long tail led low, and a swaying gait like full-grown cats.

The Toyger brees is a sweet and affectionate cat, with a high-spirited and calm nature, and with a great ability to adapt to environments.

Turkish Van

Turkish Van is an uncommon cat with their white coat, that is only marked on the head and tail and varies in diameter in winter and summer.

Their dense fur permits them to endure the harsh weather and harsh climates of the mountain regions of Turkey, from where they were introduced. This cat breed is more of an explorer.

York Chocolate

This breed gains its name from the state it is originally from, New York, with the word ‘chocolate’ being added on end due to its brown colour. The first York Chocolate kitten appeared as if by accident, born among a litter of stray cats whose progenitors were both long-haired, neither of which had brown fur on them.

Note: The scientific table for all cat breeds are the same.

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