British Vs American Food Names | List of British Vs American Food Names With Description

British Vs American Food Names: Foods of different regions are influenced by historical activities, trade practices and most importantly, climatic conditions and availability.

So, it’s easier to learn about the different foods of British vs American names if illustrated properly with suitable definitions. Not to mention many differences can be classified in British vs American words, and a layperson can’t know all the specific terms in exception.

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The list below includes variations of American food names and British food names to make your concept clear. If visiting any place from these then the knowledge from here will allow you to enjoy food at both the places without being fooled.

Keeping this in mind, we have compiled a few names and have mentioned few differences in a list of American vs British Food vocabulary that will help you know about the same in detail.

List of American vs British Food Vocabulary

Name of American vs British Food Vocabulary words

Description of the American vs British Food Vocabulary words on the list


Crisps in the United States is a desert potato that has sweet toppings in it. It is a deep-fried potato made with very thin slices, which are eaten as a snack.

Potato Chips

potato chips are a deep-fried potato slice and occasionally mixed with some flavours to add seasonings; they are mostly eaten as snacks and are considered fast food.


beat in the United States is considered a red solvent plant and often used to make sugar or sugar contained dishes cooked with veggies.


Beetroot is very similar to a beat but specifically called this name in the United Kingdom, a red coloured root vegetable cooked with other additions also eaten in a pickled form.

Hot Sauce

Hot sauce is made with chillies, mostly with hot chillies; they are a little thin in texture. The major difference between them is that the others have a texture and hot sauce is comparatively not that dense.

Chili Sauce

chilli sauce is often mixed with other ingredients like vinegar capsicum tomato is; to make it more, they can also have chilly papers or fakes can be added to it. Chilli sauce has more flavour and texture to it and has different varieties.


The frosting is done mostly in cupcakes or cakes and is called so in. The frosting is a thick fluffy batter made with sugar and other flavoured ingredients used to coat the layers of the cake.

British vs American 1


Icing is often referred to and can act like frosting, but the major difference is that icing is much thinner and glossier than the other. It is often made with milk, sugar, juice for any other flavours.


Any food item which has sweet content in it is supposed to be a desert. for Americans, a desert is anything that has sugar or any sweet component in it with a variation of cream and other flavours Vanilla, chocolate etc


In Britain, the people of UK pudding is any dish that is supposedly not a desert but has sweet in it, which can be eaten both as a sweet and Savory dish. It often looks like a cake and has different icing of flavours to it.


A shrimp is a water fish that is small in size and has short legs and two pairs. The word shrimp is used in America and is used in most of the cousins of the same place. It is often cooked with curries and easy dinner side dishes with other food.


Compared to shrimp, a prawn is larger, has large legs, and has three claws. Being large and part of large what is species people of UK more often referred to call it a prawn. A prawn is cooking in different ways can be roasted or made in a curry.


As mostly called by this in British land, a cookie is delicate and has fresh ingredients compared to any other snack. It contains butter, sugar, and other ingredients that add flavour to the earth and cannot be preserved. This is often eaten in the form of a snack or with coffee and tea.


Biscuits, as in America, are a variety of bread that can be made with sugar and can be eaten as a Savory dish. It has a light texture and a thick crusty exterior; it can also be stored for a long time and be eaten with tea or coffee.


In the United States, people call a vegetable purple and has a round shape to weight and cylindrical as an eggplant as it resembles the size of an egg. Therefore, among the other means, people of the USA use this name more often.


It is a small round violet vegetable and is eaten with other vegetables if recently seen in a cylinder shape. In the UK, people often call this vegetable aubergine as they were not used to small vegetables around them and mistook them often with goose eggs.


zucchini is a small cylinder veggie plant that resembles a cucumber that grows in most parts of the world. It has a large size to it, and people of America call it zucchini; it can be big up to 20 cm and is called so in the United States.


It is a part of a plant that has green veggies indigenous cylindrical shape to it. The difference between this and zucchini is that this is smaller in shape and a pre-developed vegetable. People of the UK more often call it Courgette.


Ham in American English means the pig’s leg piece or thigh piece around the buttocks. It is a salted, dry piece of meat preserved and processed, more precisely mechanically formed. It is a part of many dishes being high in protein.


In the UK, people mostly call a piece of pig’s meat acquired from its leg or back a gammon. It can be smoked or cured like a bacon piece of meat. This type of food is often cooked and served during Christmas.


Maize in America is a cereal type plant that bears corn like seed corns, bay corns. It originated in America and is a staple food widely distributed around the world. It is often served by smoking or boiling with added seasonings.


Corn in the United Kingdom is a staple food. It comes from the maize plant, but here it is pronounced as corn; it is of many types like sweet corn, baby corn, regular corn. It is popular in the diet of British people.

Spring Onions

In British English, spring onion is an onion stem or tube eaten before it grows to a fully grown onion. It is mostly eaten as a garnish for many dishes, salads and also eaten raw with the stem.

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Green Onions

Green onions, most popularly known by this name in America, are also known as scallions. It is a vegetable that almost tastes like an onion as it is a premature onion before forming the bulb. It is often eaten raw with salads or garnishes.


In America, candy is a fruit or nut coated with hard sugar or sugar syrup and has flavours. A candy is typically formed by boiling sugar confection, which becomes a hard preserved material and is popular among kids.


British people call anything which is highly caramelized or done by a confection of sugar is called sweet., it can be of any ingredient, a small shaped item which has sugar content It can be called sweet.

Eggy Bread

Eggy bread is a typical homemade breakfast as named in Britain. It is an egg batter made with minimal seasonings in which a loaf of bread is dipped and fried. You can eat it with other additionals also.

French Toast

A slice of bread dipped in egg batter and then fried in medium heat is a common breakfast at many places. So the eggy bread is called french toast in America.


Flan is a type of cake with its base and sponge cake at the sides. It is an open pastry that is made inside a metal stand and batter paper. It can be a custard or of any other seasoning and is called so in America.

Fruit Pie

In Britain, fruit is a pastry made inside the tin, often filled with meat, fruit or cheese, any other fruit type. Does a pastry crust around it and has a layer of cake or sponge cake filling beside it to give the pastry and spongy texture.


According to British English, coriander is a part of the parsley plant used as a herb or in many parts of the world to add flavour to culinary dishes. It has a strong scent and aromatic seeds to it, which has a flavour and also has medicinal qualities.


Cilantro is a more popular word in America, a green herb-like leaf used for medicinal and culinary activities. It has a strong smell and taste to it, which enhances the flavours of a dish.

Cotton Candy

American English cotton candy means a spun sugar usually of light colours like pink, white, blue or yellow and is tick to a cone or around the stick. It is a childish type word of cotton candy so that it becomes a popular snack among the kids.

Candy Floss

In Britain, a piece of candy floss is an item of refined sugar wrapped around the stick and has colours like blue, pink or white. It typically comes from the word flowers which means a piece of sugar and looks like a ball of wool.


In America, capsicum is a plant that has seeds inside it and is considered in the herb and shrubs category. It has a fleshy texture to it and is used as an extra at things to cook vegetables and is often used in salads.

Bell Peppers

Wallpaper is a part of the shrub plant category; it is of many types and colours like yellow, red and green. It is the same as capsicum but is called bell papers in the united kingdom’s and is not sweet like capsicums.


sausage is an American word that means a type of cylindrical pork meat made with the mermaid’s internal organs stuffed into a thin line and has added seasonings. It is the main source of protein and other minerals which is popular in America.


Bangles is the name of sources to which is prevalent in British English. This is a slice of minced pork made into a cylindrical shape and has seasonings to it; it is often eaten by smoked ways or in sandwiches and buns.


Oatmeal is a famous breakfast in the United States, and it is very handy and easier to make in the morning. This is formed by ground oats that You can eat with skimmed milk or even water and added fruits.


In Britain, porridge is a type of ground OT, but of a different variety of both cakes it is smoked and can be eaten by mixing it with milk or any other fruit juice. They can be added nuts or fruits to increase their flavour.

Plonk Cheap

Plonk cheap in British English means a very cheap and low quality of wine. Plonk cheap is a type of wine that is not drunk by the upper class of society and has no good taste.


Wine is more prevalent in American English and is made by the extracts of grapes when processed. It can be of different qualities, both cheap and expensive.

Fish Sticks

a fish stick in British English means a small piece of fine fish that is marinated with season means and then coated with a battery and is deep-fried or grilled. It is a common snake in many parts of the world.

Fish Fingers

Fish finger in American English typically means a slice of fish which is as small as a finger size thoroughly seasoned and coated in a batter that has been fried or grilled. It is sold in frozen and also indirect cooking forms.


Soda is an American word that is a drink that contains water and carbonated sweetener or any artificial flavours. It often helps to clear acidity problems and is a widely consumed drink.

Soft Drink

Soft drink is a word more prevalent in British English, and it is a drink that has artificial flavours and sweetness to it. A soft drink is one of the widely consumed fast food globally, so many companies are engaged with it, which is very popular among youngsters and adults.

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