Asking Somebody’s Opinion & Reminding Someone to Do Things | How To Ask and Ways of Asking

Asking Somebody’s Opinion & Reminding Someone to Do Things: To ask other people about their opinion we need to know the correct wordings and phrases to use and any time when you ask someone to do certain things and you find that they forgot it, and needs a reminder. This article has certain useful phrases one can use to give reminders to someone and some ways for asking other people’s opinions are also mentioned.

This article helps one to know how to remind someone about something without being annoyed, types of expressing an opinion, reminder phrases examples, asking for a favor, asking for opinion, asking for approval, asking whether someone agrees with you or not, etc.

How To Ask Somebody’s Opinion

How to ask about someone’s opinion

Sometimes regarding certain things taking others’ viewpoints become necessary. Some general ways to ask for opinions are listed here and learning these might be useful in certain situations.

  1. To ask for the most general opinions:

Add a noun or a noun clause after writing what do you think, feel, etc.


  • What do you think about this place?
  • What do you think about the new hotel?
  • What is your viewpoint about his decision?
  • What to do think of giving her a costly gift?
  • How do you feel about him?
  • How do feel about my new writing?
  1. We can try asking yes or no questions

Like by saying do you think that? etc.


  • Do you think that he made the proper judgment?
  • Do you feel the price rise is justified?
  1. Agree or disagree questions


  • Do you agree with the company’s decision?
  • Do you disagree with the price hike?

Ways of asking someone for an opinion

Sometimes one might need to ask about others’ opinions on something. Here are a few effective expressions of asking for opinions:

  • What do you feel about this issue?
  • What do you suppose of my recent decision?
  • Do you have any opinions on that?
  • How do you perceive that situation?
  • What’s your standpoint?
  • Do you have any suggestions?
  • Do you have any statements on this content?
  • What’s your belief?
  • Please tell me your statement on this matter.
  • What’s your belief about this?
  • Can you tell me your understandings of the news?
  • What are your comprehensions about his stance?
  • I would like to know your perspectives on this case.
  • What do you feel?
  • What are your understandings of this?
  • Are you conscious of it?
  • What’s your outlook on it?
  • Would it be correct to say?
  • Would you favor the belief that.?

How to send a reminder to someone without being annoying?

  • Be precise and soft and don’t be rude.
  • The point of the context should be given in brief.
  • Never assume that they don’t remember you.
  • Use fascinating words.

The following phrases can be used while talking or writing when reminding people of something.

  • I hope you remember to do it.
  • Sorry to drag, but do not forget to do.
  • You will remember to do it. Won’t you?
  • I would love to remind you.
  • I expect you will not forget.
  • You should keep in mind

Types of expressing an opinion

In many situations like in conferences and organization conversations, we might be questioned about our opinions. Some expressions one can use to convey one’s opinion, agreement, disagreement.

  • In my viewpoint
  • I carry the impression
  • In my sights
  • I guess
  • I accept
  • Decent enough
  • I suppose
  • No way
  • I have no dissatisfaction
  • Differently
  • I strongly feel
  • From my outlook
  • It appears to me
  • Clearly
  • Your words make sense but
  • On contrary
  • If you question me
  • Moreover
  • That is a logical fact.
  • I completely agree
  • It appears like
  • No issue
  • With due appreciation

How to gently remind someone about something at work?

Reminding somebody about any sort of task at the job by messaging or even face-to-face needs to be presented in a way like:

  • Should be determined
  • Should have a friendly push
  • The tone should be respectful.
  • Words should be polite, courteous, and to the point.
  • Should be short
  • Here are a couple of phrases you can use while writing:
  • Would you mind verb+ing?
  • It would be helpful if you could.
  • Hope you will remember
  • I expect you not to forget


Didn’t these phrases and suggestions help you a bit? We often fail to make the right impression just because of the wrong choice of words, so it is very essential to use the right phrase which can bring about the perfect purpose of what we are attempting to say.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

  1. How to send a polite reminder email?

Using the correct terms is always important in a proper way that will not make the mail look rude. This it is necessary to keep this in mind while writing a reminder mail:

  • Select a proper subject topic line as it is the key to attracting the reader.
  • Begin with the comfort words
  • Come to the point of the mail about reminding.
  • Make a certain request: Your motives are to send a generous reminder mail and not to produce guilt but to convince you of something. The adequate manner to get that is to appeal for what you require the receiver to do as well with when you want it.
  • The mail should be specific.
  • Then conclude the mail by signing off.
  1. What are the steps for writing a reminder mail?

Some key points need to be taken care of while writing a reminder mail. Those are:

The subject line should be crisp, clear, and to the point.

  • Email greeting
  • Condition
  • Explanation
  • Activity
  • Mail signing-off
  1. How opinions are formed?

Gradually our understandings and our perceptions about other individuals, incidents, and impressions become a set of accepted ideals. Like this, notions and conceptions form the core of our opinions.

  1. Some phrases of how to give an opinion without saying I?

Here are a few phrases that one could use without using the letter I in their sentences:

  • In my impression, + the sentence
  • In my reason, + the sentence
  • It will appear that, + the sentence
  • It could be opposed, + the sentence
  • This recommends that, + the sentence
  • This reveals that, + the sentence

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