Argumentative Essay | Features and How To Write an Argumentative Essay?

Argumentative Essay: We have all been writing essays since our childhood. We have written several different types of essays. We usually get many different essay topics but we are rarely able to distinguish and identify the type of essay topic it is. But do you know what an Argumentative Essay is?

In this article, we will tell you what an argumentative essay is. We will educate you on how to write an argumentative essay. We will tell you about the characteristics and features of an argumentative essay. We will also give you some important argumentative essay topics so that you can practice writing on these topics and learn how to write an argumentative essay properly.

How To Write An Argumentative Essay?

What is an Argumentative Essay?

An Argumentative Essay is an essay which is written as a response to a statement or a question. It is usually an argument against a given statement or a question.

What are the features of an Argumentative Essay?

An Argumentative Essay offers facts, reasons and evidence. These are important features as they are required to prove that the writer of the essay has valid points. It never tries to combine emotions with the facts in order to convince the reader that whatever the writer is writing is correct. It is always logic based and never emotion based. It makes use of a lot of facts, data and research.

An Argumentative essay always tries to acknowledge the claims of the opposing people. It does not avoid or ignore counter claims. It tries to compare several ideas to establish a position. It does not try to present only single ideas or stick to only one idea that would help to build or establish the position.

It never tries to present only the author or the writer’s side, opinion or view. A good argumentative essay always tries to present multiple sides and views. But the writer’s opinion and view is always stated clearly at the same time.

An argumentative essay never makes claims without evidence. It always provides evidence along with the claims it makes. The tone of an argumentative essay is not emotionally charged or aggressive. It has a very calm tone. Such a tone is essential to make the reader acknowledge the writer’s opinion and consider it worthy of attention.

When the writer writes an argumentative essay, he has to do a thorough study and research well. He cannot write anything he wishes to write without any proper research. He must analyse all the information and facts and only then generate a thesis statement.

The person writing an argumentative essay should also keep in mind the counterclaims. He should be able to neutralize and defeat serious opposing ideas. He should be able to convince the audience using rationality of the claims that he makes, and he should also be able to provide the audience with sufficient proofs and evidence to convince them that he is correct.

Writing an argumentative essay does not require the writer to take sides. The writer can write about both the sides of a particular matter or issue. Both sides of the issue can be given equal importance by the writer. At the same time, the writer is allowed to take sides and have an opinion. He is allowed to write about the side he prefers and considers correct and accurate.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay?

It should be very logical. An Argumentative essay has four parts. It consists of an introductory paragraph, a thesis statement, a body paragraph and a conclusion. The Argumentative essay begins with an introductory paragraph. It provides an outline of the topic of the essay and provides us with the basic background information of the topic the writer is dealing with.

An argumentative essay should have a proper thesis statement. It should be concise and not too lengthy. The thesis statement would tell the readers what the main idea of the argumentative essay is. It should clearly state what the writer is trying to prove.

The writer should make sure that he proves the claim he makes in the thesis statement with the help of sufficient evidence and proof. It is basically a concise statement that summarises the claim that the writer of the essay makes.

The body paragraph consists of three to five paragraphs. It provides us with explanations and reasons that support the thesis statement. The body paragraph is full of research studies, data, facts, statistics and text citations. It is in this part of the essay that all the opposing views and counter claims are addressed to.

The writer neutralizes such claims and provides sufficient points and reasons to explain his opinion and statement. The target of an Argumentative essay is to convince the reader and the body paragraph contains the main explanation that supports the claims that the writer makes.

The last and the ending part of an Argumentative Essay is the conclusion. It is here that the thesis statement is restated. In the conclusion, the writer summarises the entire argumentative essay. No new facts or arguments are introduced any further. A good conclusion plays a very important role in convincing the reader and the audience.

It is the conclusion that has a lasting effect in the minds of the reader and the audience.

Some Argumentative Essay Topics

Some of the important Argumentative essay topics are what are the greatest challenges faced by the young people now a day, skills versus knowledge in education, single parent struggle, can money buy happiness, controversial issues of grading systems, islamization of the way of thinking, is marijuana a help or a hazard, would the world be a better place without alcohol, illegal immigration, smoking, is the legalization of gambling a blessing or a curse, wealth inequality, impact of food wastage on the environment, does television cause an increase in violence in children, the social issue related to illegal immigration and inequality of opportunities, is it true that the internet does more harm than good, and so on and so forth.

The Takeaway from this Article

This article tells you what an argumentative essay is. It also tells you about the basic characteristics and the main features of an argumentative essay. This article has also provided you with the format of a argumentative essay and taught you how to write one. We have also provided you with several important topics on argumentative essays.

In order to improve your writing skills and write a good argumentative essay, you should start to practise writing on the topics given in this article.

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