Action Verbs Vocabulary | List of 50 Common Action Verbs with Pictures

Action verbs with examples

Imagine a scenario where your friend scores high marks in a subject like science and when you compare your answer sheet to them be content of the answer is more or less the same but the articulations are different. And the same applies to working professional environment as well.

So what exactly makes the difference in such scenarios?

The English language whether we like to admit it or not has become extremely important to have an edge and came presidents whether it’s in the area of Academics and education or are in the corporate sector and entrepreneurship full stop having a strong hold on the English language can easily put you on the front page in a competitive world where lacks of people are competing for the same thing as you do.

Keeping that in mind in this particular article on action verbs with examples we are going to help you understand certain aspects of the English language that you should know which will help you articulate and communicate your ideas better whether it’s oral or written. While in other articles we have spoken about nouns verbs and different other nuances in the English language in this particular article we are going to talk about action verbs along with plenty of examples.

By the end of this article The Reader would be able to answer the following questions:

1. What are action verbs
2. When are action verbs used
3. What are the examples of action verbs
4. Examples of action verbs in sentences
5. Identifying action verbs in a paragraph

What are action verbs?

Action verbs are a set of words in the English language that is used to describe actions or expressions performed by an animal-human being a plant or in certain cases non-living things such as Gadgets and robots.

All the actions that one does are called words and these are used to express the state of Beans of that particular person.

Let us understand what action verbs are through exam

Action Verbs Vocabulary 1

What are some examples of action verbs?

  1. Ride
  2. Sit down
  3. Stand up
  4. Fight
  5. Laugh
  6. Read
  7. Play
  8. Listen
  9. Cry
  10. Think
  11. Sing
  12. Watch TV
  13. Dance
  14. Turn on
  15. Turn off
  16. Win
  17. Fly
  18. Cut
  19. Throw away
  20. Sleep
  21. Close
  22. Open
  23. Write
  24. Give
  25. Jump
  26. Eat
  27. Drink
  28. Cook
  29. Wash
  30. Wait
  31. Climb
  32. Talk
  33. Crawl
  34. Dream
  35. Dig
  36. Clap
  37. Knit
  38. Sew
  39. Smell
  40. Kiss
  41. Hug
  42. Snore
  43. Bathe
  44. Bow
  45. Paint
  46. Dive
  47. Ski
  48. Stack
  49. Buy
  50. Shake

If you observe carefully all the words given above describe certain types of actions that are performable. Now for better clarity let us use each of the above words in one sentence so that we can understand how an action verb is used in a sentence.

Example of action verbs in sentences

Please note all the words in the below sentences in the double-quote are action verbs

1. Stacy can “run” continuously for more than one kilometer without a single break
2. Everyone can “write”, but only a few can “write” well
3. Reading is one such habit that should be taught to children rights from an early age
4. Robert always notes whenever he sleeps on his back
5. Neeraj Chopra won gold medal for India l by throwing the longest javelin throw in this Olympics
6. Sitting for too long on an everyday basis can harm one’s health
7. One should eat 3 times a day without skipping any meal to stay fit and healthy.
8. Critical thinking abilities are very important to imbibe a sense of curiosity amongst students
9. Your surroundings should always be kept clean and tidy
10. You always paint of picture of someone you like or love

Action Verbs Vocabulary 2


When are action verbs used?

Action verbs are used in the following cases and instances:

1. When you are describing an action, in past present, or future, the use of action verbs can make the sentence formation clear
2. Action verbs can be used to shorten the sentence and make it briefer
3. Emotional articulation of a sentence can be done using action verbs

Identify action verbs in the below paragraph

Exercise: Identify the action verbs in the below story

In the below section of this article on action verbs, we have given a paragraph for students to identify action verbs. You can also identify nouns and proper nouns for better understanding.

“Ana ran down the street as if a mad dog was chasing her. She ran far and ran fast. She ran till she found herself out of breath. She looked back, but no one was there. After a while, she decided to take a quick nap on the side bench. She sat down on the bench, only to find out that the bench was broken and she immediately fell down on the ground.

Realizing that today was not her day, Ana decided to move forward without any break. But only this time, she decided to walk slowly. All of her fellow competitors in the marathon were far behind her. She also sipped an energy drink as she continued to brisk walk.

Being in the midst of the mountain, she stood in the middle of cross-section to admire the beauty of the nature. She saw a river nearby and decided to go for a swim across the soothing river.

The minute water hit her face, she could sense her body shaking, as if someone is pushing and pulling her by the shoulders. She could hear someone shouting her name repeatedly. Before she realized what it was, Ana woke up from her dream only to see her mom throw water on her face and trying to wake her up as the school bus was bound to arrive in 10 mins of time”

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