Logos | Definition, Classification, Function, Meaning, Synonyms, Examples


Logos, a valuable device in literature, rhetoric, and other forms of writing, is an unavoidable component of any good piece of writing. Logos has its roots in the Greek word “logos”, which means “logic”. You might wonder why this matters. Indeed, logos is one of the three main methods of argumentation introduced by the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle. In this article, you will be introduced to all the essential information about logos, including their definition, examples, significance, characteristics, etc. Logos Definition Classification of Logos Logos’ Function Pathos, Ethos, and Logos FAQs on Logos Logos Definition A logos is a literary device that comes as a statement, sentence, or argument. It is used to convince or persuade the reader by appealing to reason or logic. Besides logos, arguments depend upon pathos and ethos. “Logos,” as mentioned earlier, is a Greek word that has different meanings, including “reason,” “discourse,” and “plea.” A definition of logos was provided by Aristotle in his work Rhetoric, where he defined logos as “reasoned discourse”, pertaining to the realm of public speaking. Learn Grammar concepts easily by using our English Grammar Notes website. It will improve your communication skills easily. Classification of Logos Given below are two categories of …

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Doppelganger | Function, Definition, Related Terms Synonyms, Examples


Doppelganger, pronounced DOPP-el-gang-er, has its roots in a German word meaning “double-walker.” In traditional terms, the word was used to refer to a ghost or spirit, but in modern times it refers to something that is akin to something else. In this article, you will be introduced to all the essential information about a doppelganger, including its definition, examples, functions, related terms, etc. What is a Doppelganger? Doppelganger’s Function Literature Examples of Doppelgangers Doppelgangers Related Terms FAQs on Doppelganger What is a Doppelganger? As a literary device, Doppelganger is used to refer to a twin or double of some character, usually in the form of an evil twin. Originally, the term was used to refer to a ghost, or shadow of a person. Today, the term simply refers to someone who resembles another person. Doppelganger’s Function The functions of a Doppelganger include: A Doppelganger can be used to show the ‘other self’ of a character. This gives rise to the conflict within a story gives a creepy or eerie tone to a story. At times, a Doppelganger incites laughter. Also Read, Haiku Non Sequitur Nostalgia Pathos Syncope Literature Examples of Doppelgangers Given below are a few examples of doppelgangers from …

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Words that End with D

Words that End in D – 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,13, 14, and 15 Letter Words Ending in D 2 letter words that end with D 3 letter words that end with D 4 letter words that end with D 5 letter words that end with D 6 letter words that end with D 7 letter words that end with D 8 letter words that end with D 9 letter words that end with D 10 letter words that end with D 11 letter words that end with D 12 letter words that end with D 13 letter words that end with D 14 letter words that end with D 15 letter words that end with D 2 letter words that end with D ad ed id od 3 letter words that end with D abd add aid ald and bad bed bid bod bud cad cod cud dad did dud eld end fad fed fid fud gad ged gid god had hid hod ked kid lad led lid mad med mid mod mud nod odd old oud pad ped pod pud rad red rid rod sad sod tad ted tod urd wad wed …

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Parts of a Horse | List of Parts of a Horse With Description and Images

Parts of a Horse: The horse is a wild animal that is often domesticated for its commercial uses. A horse is a part of many crucial sports around the world. For which good original or hybrid qualities of the horse is used throughout. They require to be perfectly groomed and maintained, and a horse keeper has parts of a horse diagram in mind. Anyone who stays with horses should know the basic parts of a horse for their convenience. There are many parts like legs, barrels, joints, and many interesting facts like horses’ front legs carry more weight than their back legs. To help you know more, we have made a list of parts of a horse’s description. Let’s have a look. Study the most important English Vocabulary Words identified by our experts and learn the right vocabulary to use in your day to day conversations List of Parts of a Horse Name of Parts of a Horse Description of Parts of a Horse on the list Name of Parts of a Horse Head Eye Ear Teeth Lips Nostril Chin Chin groove Chest Occiput Neck Elbow Belly Frog Back Shoulder Knee Withers Loin Croup Tail Gaskin Hock Stifle Splints Girth …

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3 Awesome Security Plugins for WordPress

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